Pokémon Reimagined As Ghost (18 Pics)

If you are a 90s kid then you definitely are a Pokemon fanatic. Coming back home from school and waiting for Pokemon to come on TV, our childhood days were certainly the most beautiful days of our lives. Whenever we got a chance to dress like our favorite characters, we would dress up as Ash Ketchum with our toy Pikachu on our shoulder ready for a battle. Not to mention, the Pokemon cards and Nintendo’s Pokemon games. Back in the days, these were luxury items for a fan.

Our love for Pokemon is evergreen and it shall never fade away. Even today we get very excited for Pokemon. We’ve seen them in many forms, we’ve seen them evolve, we’ve seen them happy and sad. They have even walked on the streets with us and also in our homes via Pokemon Go an augmented reality game. Since there is so much going on in the world for Pokemon fans, people with some good aesthetic skills reimagined Pokemon as ghosts. The results would totally freak you out. Scroll down to check them out.

Magikarp & Gyarados

Credits: Blazbaros

Gyarados always scared the living sh*t out of me not gonna lie. Now, they have turned him into a ghost. Looks like I won’t be sleeping tonight.

Squirtle, Wartortle, & Blastoise

Credits: PageofSean

How cute is squirtle?!


Credits: FilippoDraws

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, & Venusaur

Credits: PageofSean


Credits: FilippoDraws


Credits: abz-art

Some people are blessed with a creative mind. They create and imagine things magnificently. Where we enjoy their artwork, we need to appreciate such talented people a bit more than we do. It is very easy for most of us to utter words of hate and dislike. Saying these type of things doesn’t take much time, but healing from them do. We all know the popular phrase, “Words cut deeper than the knife.” We are deeply saddened to say it’s true. We never know how bad our words may hurt the other person. Sometimes these words put the other person in a state where they start to feel worthless and for them taking their own life is easier than living. Saying a few words of kindness and appreciation won’t cost us anything.


Credits: DevilDman


Credits: GGSArtz


Credits: abz-art


Credit: berrymetal


Credits: Mizku-Baka94

Vulpix & Ninetales

Credits: neckpunch73


Credits: otusasio451


Credits: ShieluVilid


Credits: ShinyGazza


Credits: breIoom


Credits: EminanDraw


Credits: T4-T3

All these reimagined ghostly Pokemon are amazing and creative. What do you guys think of them? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this with other Pokemon fans.

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