28 Pics That Show The Difference Between Real Animal Vs How Aliens Would Recreate Them By Their Skulls

Have you ever looked at skulls?

I am not saying we all go around wanting to look at animal skulls. However, we have all seen humans’ skulls and they look quite different than what you would expect. I mean most of our skulls are the same even though every human looks different. And that applies to animals as well. However, one person wanted to imagine what animals would look like if aliens had created them. 

I mean for one second think that aliens exist and they have never seen animals. You with me so far? Now expand your mind even more and think that they wanted to recreate animals but they only had skulls or carcasses to go off one. The following is likely what they would come up with. This is definitely a fun experiment.

So scroll below to take a look.

#1 Well, cats would definitely be our overlords if they looked like this.

#2 Alligators already scary enough.

#3 Pennywise is sort of human, I think. Atleast he was at one point.

#4 Hippo’s would actually look quite cool if they had this face.

#5 This is a big no from me.

#6 You could fool me and say this is mammoths.

#7 This is definitely a surprise for me. Especially the sharp teeth.

#8 I don’t know about the blood but I would say this is pretty accurate.

#9 The puppy is just surprised to see what lies inside his head.

#10 I wouldn’t mind these worms becoming extinct.

#11 Atleast they fall into a similar category so I would say good job.

#12 Now I understand how they can store so much food in their cheeks.

#13 This is why I don’t look at animal skulls, they just confuse me.

#14 I don’t think bones are able to bend without a joint so this isn’t accurate.

#15 Maybe they descended from dragons. We don’t know.

Whether we believe that alien life exists or not is really not the debate here. The thing we have to focus on here today is that we all have weird skulls and it doesn’t make sense when you take a look at how these animals look like. It seems fat and muscle distribution really changes the overall look which is quite surprising.

#16 I don’t think this needs any more explaining.

#17 I can’t even understand what I am looking at.

#18 This is cheating and we all know it.

#19 This went into a completely different direction.

#20 So what you are telling me they would think it is their own skulls?


#21 I don’t see any horns on that skeleton though.

#22 They certainly slither like a xenomorph so this was close.

#23 I wonder if they would understand the chameleon nature of the animals.

#24 Those are some huge eyes.

#25 I think we can all agree that cats have weird skulls.

#26 So what you are saying is that every animal has to be scary looking?

#27 Atleast they wouldn’t accidentally create Mutant Ninja Turtles.

#28 The snake body doesn’t have arms though.

What did you think of these? Do you think they were accurate? Did they at least make you laugh? Comment down below and let us know.

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