40+ Pictures From A Self-Portrait Photographer That Will Haunt Your Dreams

The world is not black and white. 

While we would like to think that only right or wrong exists as it would be so much easier, but the world is just a gray area. And even the most heinous acts can sometimes have reasons even if it doesn’t justify that particular act. That is the reality of a human being. And these days the world is in turmoil because of Covid-19 and many more issues that have reared their heads once again.

So this photographer wants to reveal the truth of humans through her photography. Some of these might not make sense but she has provided an explanation for many of them. But when it comes to art, a person is allowed to interpret it however they want. After all, that is what art is for. And the following pictures are not just photos but a peek into the issues of the world today. 

You can see these unique pictures for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 An epidemic of empty dolls.

We are a sad generation with happy photos.

An empty generation with full pubs.

A carefree generation with scared eyes.

Cheap generation with expensive phones.

An arrogant generation with kind faces.

A drunk generation with sober remorse.

Cold generation with warm hands.

From the wrong people.

#2 Loud fears that we need to cut.

#3 Weight of existence.

It’s not the burden that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.

#4 Waiting for someone who will never come.

I’m playing a roll and talk about life situations, stigma topics, mental health, epilepsy, domestic violence and so on, where people are really, massively,finding themselves and we make the world better even for a day, showing that no one is alone in their hard times and bad emotions.

I’m showing that we are all in this life together. Topics are direct, intimate, honest and raw without a ‘‘beauty filter’’. -Tea Jagodić

#5 A graveyard of dead promises.

#6 Scream.

#7 Time.

For those who have dared to take my or someone else’s biological clock in their mouth so many times. For those who look at other women’s wombs.

For those who deserved twice as unpleasant answer as that unpleasant question. For those whom you are less valuable if you don’t want or can’t have an extension of the family tree because for God’s sake, that’s the purpose of women’s existence, right?

Do you know actually what time it is now?

That “Fu*k off” becomes a socially acceptable answer like all other “normal” questions.

#8 How much does a part of you cost?

In the last 2 years, I have received many invitations to be part of projects that support young artists in my country. Well, everything is wonderful until it comes to the part: How much does your work cost, that will be part of the project?

And when I put the price extremely low, it’s a problem, again. And they say it’s too much, again. Do you really support artists or would you pay the price of one coffee per author’s work just to make the project work out? Or buy us a coffee to create better? No. My coffee costs more and I don’t want your cheap one.

Project that SUPPORTS ARTISTS? At least change the name.

#9 Never opened doors.

When your eyes become dead, they don’t let you make that one small but crucial hand move, which can so easily save you from a disgustingly cold place, from where there is no coming back from.

Do you want to wake up while you still have time?

#10 Wrong turn.

You can’t heal in the same place where you got sick.

#11 Hiding.

#12 The depth of sharpness.

I stopped getting angry at the time and hours rushing forward. When you think everything is falling apart, maybe everything just falls into place, just not in the order we, spoiled people, expected it to happen.

#13 The destruction museum.

It’s not an institution. Not a building, nor an art installation. It could be a living person. People. Museums of pain and imperfection. And they are perfect just for that.

Damaged, special and awakened. And you adore them with all of that. You all want to be accepted without accepting. Maybe that’s why you didn’t deserve better? You can’t sew holes but you can be there. It may be enough.

It can save. And when life is a bitch, climb to the nearest roof. Grab someone with one hand, and with the other, raise your middle finger in the air.

And just …. while holding up someone else, don’t break yourself.

#14 Rejected generation statistics.

We always melt when we see them on the streets. They hold hands after countless years of marriage. They were the only ones who gave us back our faith in love until the last day of our lives. They raised half of today’s big people.

And you forget that someone has only them in the whole world. Today, they are not important. Just some old people, group of risk, statistics and regular news on our television.

They are useless and not a workforce. The damage. They don’t contribute to the economy. Economy has always been more important than humanity. That’s why we’re all here, right now. Someone held those old hands for more than half a century. Today, the hand is empty. But again, we messed everything up. They are not a risk group. With a collective mind like this, we are. And we deserve even worse.

#15 Day of oblivion.

#16 Paralysis of the night.


#17 Exclusion zone.

No natural or nuclear catastrophe has happened to us. We happen to us and that is much worse. Disasters pass, Brain Exclusion Zone never.

#18 School chair autopsy.

You have to go to school. The law, life and parents said that. Nobody cares that someone else’s 4 walls contain hyenas that act as a mom’s baby when they come into their own 4 walls at home. For each step that someone didn’t like, you would feel the roll of a paper at the back of the head. We all know what that paper means. Both sides. And I know that paper doesn’t hurt, but the words in it do.

And so, from a young age, we began to learn that words hurt much more than physical pain.

Welcome to the adult world. We wanted to be adults before the real time, right?

#19 The last time.

What if we knew when we are seeing someone for the very last time?

What would we do or say differently?

#20 The other side.

Books can take you where you have never been when you don’t want to stay where you are now.

That is what happened in here.

Work inspired by my first horror book I’ve ever read and it’s for sure not the last.

#21 Identity.

When someone asks you “Who are you?”, what do you usually say?

Your first and last name is not yours. It was given to you, you came into the world without it. It’s arbitrary, it’s all the same.

Any other would be fine. Now you’re just used to it. It is only for people to address you, but it has nothing to do with you.

Your profession? Doesn’t mean anything. You are describing an occupation, not yourself. You are describing how you make a living. You are not talking about yourself and your life, but about your survival.

The name of the father, mother, the whole family tree – again doesn’t mean anything. You were accidentally born here. In that family, in that place.

The outside world has already given you a label.

Would you know how to answer the question now?

#22 Devil’s game.

Work dedicated to manipulators who can brain-wash you in a minute.

Monsters do exist. And they look like people. Life, interpersonal relationships and chess are the fight against mistakes.

#23 Calm in chaos.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of chaos and sometimes in the middle of chaos, you find yourself.

#24 Spider mother.

I have never seen such work and she brings uniqueness to these beautiful species. These might be self-portraits but they are much more than that. She likes to touch upon things that are important to her from mental illness to social media and how it affects us. She only has 12k followers on Instagram which is really surprising since she deserves so much more love.

#25 Side effects.

#26 Swallowed words.

#27 Damaged childhood.

”Go get yourself a treat. Me and mom need to…talk”.

#28 Behind the scenes.

#29 Growing with damages.

We become mature with the damages, not the years.

#30 Box of the bottom.

As soon as someone is different and stands out, the society drags him into his average black hole so that the same society feels more beautiful. As soon as you try to be out of the box, they pull you back.

Don’t be like a stupid tetris, if you fit in, you will disappear.

They told me:

– Stop using Photoshop so much.

– Take photos the other ordinary girls, you’ll have more followers.

-Do fashion photos of girls with big boobs, you’ll get more reach.

-Do weddings and birthday parties, you will earn a lot of money.

– Adapt the artworks more, people in here don’t get it.

– Capture something more happy and fairytale-ish, people want to see cheerful things.

No. But thank you.

I will continue to do what people DON’T want to see.

#31 Epilepsia.

Invisible diseases exist and are not a myth. We are not psychopaths, we are even more sincere and cheerful than some people. Part of the body broke down and now we are fixing it, it’s not just like a hand or a leg, but oh well, I did not choose this.

Me and the little animal in my head are now becoming friends and rocking through the life.

#32 Social shell.

Work dedicated to pulling myself out of the pressure of social media that make me live by virtual rules. It makes me feel bad if I don’t publish something for 5-7 days, until the same amount of pressure bursts around from society. Stop it. Shut up. We creators, if we can’t create every single day, we CAN’T.

Unsustainable and meaningless nonsense to put online “just to revolve” -Never. You are lying to yourself, but your audience as well. And the audience feels. You can’t fool them. If you think your audience is stupid, you don’t deserve it.

I just love my reality enough, not to run into a virtual one. I am not there to fulfill anyone’s expectations, nor is someone else to fill mine.

Likes will not dictate quality of life and quality of work. If I’m not on someone’s screen every day – I’m alive and I exist! I’m not a social shell. Because I chose that way.

#33 Naked mind.

I created this piece with my own MR scans of my brain and head and it was so fun!

And in the end, I like to say to myself: Little one, take care of your mind, that’s the only place you’ll have to live for the rest of your life.

#34 Emotional cancer.

Work dedicated to depression which is considered as a cancer of emotions.

#35 Nightmare.

It’s hard to wake up from a nightmare when you aren’t even asleep.

#36 Arms wide shut.

#37 Fairytale.

They say, there are two wolves in us. Good and bad. And always, who is being fed, it’s winning. But…what wolf does it take when the life takes us through the dark forest?

#38 The storm.

Everyone has their own storm in life. Somebody is being taken too easily to the other side of the world, someone dances and kisses in the rain, and the one who is afraid of the sound of the wind, is still learning to sing in it’s direction.

The roots grow and become stronger from the struggle, pain, patience, destruction, and lifting from that same ground. And the Sun? The Sun is lame. It can’t teach you anything, it’s just nice.

#39 Healing.

#40 Monsters outside.

#41 When we smile.

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