Horrifying Severed Head Wedding Cake Shocks Everyone At The Celebration

Weddings are meant to have a little drama.

After all, have you ever been to a wedding with zero drama because I sure haven’t? From family feuds, silent glares and bride getting the cold feet, weddings are a hotbed for everything scary.

However, what if we took that figurative scariness literally? Well, This is what these newlyweds did. Rather than getting a traditional wedding cake, they decided on their own severed heads (made from a cake of course).

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This is the infamous cake that will give anyone a fright at first sight.

I am sure you’re wondering, who’s the genius behind this cake. Well, You might have heard of Sideserf Cake Studio. They make cakes that range from horrifyingly realistic to rick and Morty heads. So anything really.

Following are some of their best works.

If I wasn’t the one writing this, I would think this is real.

What a perfect way to ward off burglars.

The duo team is actually a married couple who love to create cakes fit for any Halloween celebrations.

However, They also bake their favorite characters in cake form.

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I’m making a @theofficenbc themed WEDDING cake later this year and I need your help designing it! I made this Prison Mike cake a while back and I love it, but I want to suggest something new so the couple’s cake is unique to them. Who or what from The Office should I make in cake for their big day? (Watch the process video of this Prison Mike cake at youtube.com/Sideserfcakestudio) . . . . . #dwightschrute #prisonmike #theoffice #theofficememes #bestshowever #fanart #theofficeus #theofficefanart #michaelscott #cake #bustcake #realism #realismart #realisticart #edibleart #office #art #cakeideas #sculpture #sculpting #sculptureart #sculptureideas #modelingchocolate #tasty #yummy #cakepops #cakes #cakestagram #theofficefans #cakedesign

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And yes, they are huge Rick and Morty fans.

So If you don’t like pickles but still want to eat one, this is for you.

They also do non-severed heads for those who want that ‘sort’ of thing.

The perfect valentine cake.

And Baby Yoda here looks cute enough tot eat.

Would you like a hand with that?

The stuff of nightmares right here.

Of course Courage the cowardly dog would be horrified to see this cake.

What if the plant eats you before you get to eat it?

Will we finally be able to cut his mask off?

What better way to end a meal than a clown?

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