7 Silent Horror Stories That Will Horrify You Without Saying A Single Word

Sometimes you need no words or dialogues to scare yourself, pictures and visual cues are enough to get you scared. This series of DarkBox webcomics called ‘Silent Horror’ is a great example of that. This series is made by a Malaysian artist. His comics are enough proof that words are not really important when you want to tell a horror story, sometimes imagination does the job pretty well.

“Each of these dark and creepy comics has a surprise and frightening surprise at the end, with the added twist of no dialogue,” says the artist. The artist we know as K.S, has successfully managed to bring our nightmares to reality and made illustrations out of them.

All of these illustrations have no words, just images which are enough to scare you off. These illustrations are not for the faint hearted and I would recommend you not to see these before bed time, because you will definitely not be able to sleep after seeing this!

Scroll down and check out these scary comics!

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1. Lurking through.

2.  In the city.

3. An accident.

4. Inside the mirror.


5. A mothers love…

6. Receivers of the hearts…

7. The other head…

Woahh!!! Some of these illustrations sent shivers down my spine, they were so scary! Which one among these did you find to be scariest of all? Let us know in the comments section below!

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