Story About A 21-Year-Old Doing Weird Favors For Her New Patron Will Keep You Awake Tonight

This story is not for the faint of heart.

Or for the ones who are easily scared. There is actually a Reddit named ‘nosleep’ where people post well-written and terrifying stories that will definitely keep you up at night. The credit is filled with many stories. Some are amazing while others not so much. The story we are reading today falls into the former category.

I’m a huge horror movie buff and I usually don’t get scared but this story sent a shiver down my spine. The author who wrote it deserves some major props for writing a beautiful ‘realistic’ story while also adding many elements of horror and supernatural into it. I won’t waste your time any longer.

Read the story for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Reddit

I am sure many young people can relate to this story.

Sometimes you need the money.

Nobody sane or normal would ever do this. Sure people in real life do have a lot of money and throw it around. But before even having any concrete information, this guy just sent you the money? What if you had flaked on him? What would have happened then?

And are willing to do things you won’t normally do.

However, the favors weren’t what she had expected.

She thought they would be of a different nature.

But the tasks were quite different.

It wasn’t the best idea of her to go to a stranger’s house

She never even checked what was in the box.

When someone warns you, the best decision then is to heed that advice.

But she didn’t and went to the house anyway.

Who was this Marvin?

This is when things took a weird turn.

Not that they weren’t weird before but this was next level.

Spending a night at a huge house alone? Not the best idea.

The list was there as he had promised.

She did a lot of taste for this guy so she started to get comfortable with the idea. After all, they all went okay so there was no harm in spending the night at his house right? And he wasn’t even home so it would be okay.

Although it did have many weird requests.

Why was the time so specific?

Then she heard different voices daring her to open the door.

But she stayed put as the rules had clearly stated.

This was the first time she was meeting Jack in person.

We might have expected for things to go wrong now but they didn’t.

She got out of there as fast as she could.

But she had forgotten one very important rule to follow.

However, it was fine right? Nothing weird had happened so it might not have been as important as Jack had stated in the rules. And she had gotten the money as promised. So she waved off the paranoia and moved on.

Only it wasn’t that easy.

As it turns out, something weird had happened. She just didn’t realize it before.

And this is where the story ends. Honestly, I would love to read another part as to what happened to her after. However, the mystery and the cliffhanger leaves it to the reader’s imagination which is even better.

People have many theories as to what is happening.

Is it a coincidence that Julio and the texter both said “Watch out”? Maybe this entity tries to harm only at night and static keeps it out? I think you should contact Jack immediately OP. Tell him what happened. Maybe he can help.

Maybe Jack gave the job to you hoping you’d mess up and the thing would follow you instead of him. He clearly doesn’t anticipate requiring help house-sitting for the rest of the time he’s gone, I wonder why. –aykray

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