22 Oddly Terrifying Pictures Of Sheep’s In The Night That Will Creep You Out

Sheep are harmless.

At least that is what everyone thinks. I mean we as humans eat practically everything of a sheep and also use their wool. And after all, they are herbivores so no one is ever scared of them. However, one might change their tune when they look at what sheep look like at night. You see their eyes can reflect light just a cat’s eyes can.

And what does that mean? Well, it means that they can see at night and basically have night vision goggles. But how is that disturbing? Well, what if you were walking in the forest and you several glowing eyes staring at you from the dark? What would your first thought be? It would probably be to run away as fast as possible before you realize it is just a sheep. 

You can see what I am talking about by scrolling below.

#1 It is not even night and they already look scary.

#2 Okay, this is a huge no from me.

#3 Just some sheep grazing in the field.

#4 There might be some blood on this sheep’s ear.

#5 Are these sheep or headlights?

#6 She just wants to protect her children.

#7 They might try to get out if we are not careful.

#8 They look like they have just been shaved.

#9 Those horns can actually hurt a person so I would be wary.

#10 The green reflection is actually normal.

#11 Have we been transported into Silent Hill?

There are many animals that are nocturnal. I suppose this is how they can save themselves from predators. As we all know sheep don’t really have a lot of ways to protect themself against other animals except running away. And even then they aren’t really fast runners so seeing in the dark is the only thing they have.

#12 This would be a beautiful picture if it wasn’t so damn scary.

#13 ‘You want something hooman?’

#14 The black colored faces just makes it even more terrifying which I didn’t think was possible.

#15 I sure hope the red isn’t human parts.

#16 This is why I could never work at a farm.

#17 Okay, the little babies make this cute.

#18 They are coming to take your soul away.

#19 Who needs christmas lights when you have a goat?

#20 Just saying hello from far away.


#21 Is that a dog in there as well?

#22 We saved the best for last.

What did you think of these pictures? Were they creepy? Or did you find them quite normal? Comment down below and let us know.

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