20 Terrifying Zombie Gnomes That Will Scare Everyone Off Your Lawn

The upkeep of a lawn is time-consuming.

Especially if you have a full-on garden and you always like to keep your grass at a shorter manageable level. Not only does this require weekly work but it can also cost a lot I you pay someone else to do it. And people just don’t understand this and will trample all over your hard work without any consideration towards you or how much time you spend on it.

It can be downright painful when you see people wearing heavy boots and walking around your lawn and essentially killing the grass you try so hard to always keep green and healthy. We all know nature is fragile and many people want to have a beautiful lawn and garden as that is the first impression of your house before your guests can even come to your door.

So we have something to keep everyone of your lawn. Just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Etsy

#1 This one is only raising from the de*d right now.

#2 Even they get hungry after all.

#3 You didn’t think only males turn into zombies, right?

#4 This is when you want to mix Halloween and Christmas together.

#5 I don’t see anything here. Just a normal cat sculpture.

#6 Imagine if you encountered this in the middle of the night.

#7 Brains sure are delicious.

#8 Apparently not even penguins are safe from this disease.

#9 He is only trying to find his missing eye.

#10 The decay doesn’t stop just because you turn into a zombie.

#11 This way Santa can visit everyone in a single night.

You might be thinking that while they do look quite nicely made, they won’t really scare anyone. However, just imagine walking alone at night and seeing a bloody gnome standing in front of you. One would probably run away as fast as they can, right? Well, if you want your lawn to stay green and spotless, this is the thing for you.

However, they are quite expensive but worth it if you like this aesthetic.

#12 Going through the trash is not for him anymore.

#13 Won’t someone give him a hand?

#14 He looks like he has been through a lot.

#15 Time will run out if he stays here too long and where is his monocle?

#16 He is trying his best to point fingers at someone but it is impossible.

#17 I wonder how he lost his shoe….. or his nose for that matter.

#18 His pot of gold is not going to be filled with gold. It will probably be filled with brains.

#19 Insides should always remain within the body.

#20 Filling your holes with fingers is not recommended unless….


#21 He clearly regrets all his life decisions and wants to go back underground.

Would you ever buy these gnomes? Or are they too spooky for you? Comment down below and let us know.

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