Japanese Artist Creates Thought Provoking Illustrations With Powerful Twists (50 Pics)

A picture can be worth a thousand words.

No matter how good we are at explaining our emotions, a single picture can convey much more than our words can ever say. And the following illustrations definitely touch upon a lot of issues that we face each and every day. From loneliness because of technology or the many faces that we paint on every day to hide our true selves.

mental health is very important and should be talked about more but many people choose to ignore that side of their life which ends up burning them out. A Japanese artist who goes by the Twitter handle Avogado6 is a master at conveying these emotions through their illustrations.

You can take a look for yourself by scrolling on.

Source: Twitter

#1 Tired at the end of the day.

Feeling like your batteries have worn out. -Tiny Dynamine

#2 Hurting yourself to please others.

#3 A lie for all to gawk at.

This is reality. Look at people’s social media accounts. People post the best parts of them online and try to hide the negatives. Denial is almost built into our systems. It’s disgusting.

There’s no need to share every private thought and event that goes on in your lives, but don’t make your life seem like all fairy tales and happiness. It’s a lie then… -Amy John

#4 Fading away.

#5 Time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Death is inevitable. You’ve seen others go through it, you should know your time is coming. But I don’t think you should live with a noose around your neck.

Instead, take it off and use it as a swinging rope into death when you’ve full and well completed everything you’ve wanted to and lived life to your fullest. Your hands aren’t tied for a reason. Take control. -Amy John

#6 What depression feels like.

#7 Chipping away our humanity.

Look at the shadow… it seems that his own chipped parts are casting that chipping shadow. Maby it meens that we are our greatest enemies. -Georgiene Kröppel

#8 Different paths of love.

#9 Coffee will make everything better.

Cannot function without that chemical push. -Janina Prado

#10 We are only disposable objects.

#11 Something to lighten up your day.

This doesn’t make me think, but it does make me jealous! -Quinn Alexander

#12 When the darkness starts to leak.

#13 Cutting the strings holding you together.

Feeling like the person who created you is destroying you. -Jnmc

#14 The abyss is your only friend.

#15 The worries that crush your mind.

This is what anxiety feels like. -Hannah Faith

#16 Stripped to the bone.

#17 Being deceived.

A sheltered and restricted child being lured out of their cage and safety by someone taking advantage of their innocence. -sagefish

#18 Endure the pain with a smile.

#19 We reap what we sow.

Suicide is considered spineless. So here the spine itself is the noose. -lenthu

#20 Wisdom can be a burden.


#21 Trying to preserve your innocence.

Trying to save what’s meant to be gone. -Mystic Carnage

#22 Sometimes it is terrifying to let go.

#23 Wanting what you can’t have.

Hoping for the parents you never had. Wanting a complete family… -Cringeworthy Potato

#24 Burning until there is nothing left.

#25 Wanting to break free.

False freedom from our worries at the expense of who we are. -Anon Anonymous

#26 Trying to put yourself together.

#27 Drained.

Giving all of yourself to others.. exhausted.. draining yourself to death to please people. -Ashley Mayes

#28 Painful breaths each time.

#29 The beautiful music of death.

Sometimes music is what makes you forget about everything else. -Mystic Carnage

#30 The mess spilling out.

#31 Fitting in.

Surrounded by airheads, the girl who isn’t an airhead has the shadow of an airhead wich means she’s faking that she’s an airhead. -Mystic Carnage

#32 A big heart with nobody to love.

#33 The last bit of light cant help.

Being carried away by the darkness in life, clinging on to the small amount of hope. -Cringeworthy Potato

#34 Time can be deadly.

#35 Plugged into the world.

This says to me “So many things that want to plug into you. To use your energy and lifeforce, and drain you.”

Perhaps referring also to the electronics and devices that seem to consume our lives, in this illustration, quite literally. -Josh D

#36 No meaning to your life.

#37 When you expect too much from someone.

Trying to connect with people, but failing again and again. -Dorothy McCurdy

#38 Love can warm your heart.

#39 Stuck with nowhere to go.

Feeling like no matter what move you make, it will not end well. -Kristin Connon

#40 When you become immune to the pain.

#41 Which path to take?

Looking at your tree of life from a distance can overshadow life itself. You’ll be contemplating life instead of living life. -Beth Sprooten

#42 The music of loneliness.

Loneliness to the point of imagining they’re there. -Cringeworthy Potato

#43 Which expression to paint on today?

#44 Drinking the night.

The night owl. Or insomnia, depending on how early you have to get up in the morning. -Kristin Connon

#45 Another perfect child to fit into society.

#46 ‘Im fine.’

The onions are little things, they bug you slightly and it’s not a big deal. Until they build up, there is to many to stand and you break down for seemingly no reason. -Joanna Peterson

#47 The destruction that we cause.

#48 Your life is in your hands.

There is no price on life….. But you surely can end it. -idk girl

#49 When you become a ticking time bomb.

#50 Bottling up your emotions.

There is a plethora of emotions trying to burst out but you bottle them up inside a cage. -Shruti Naik

What did you think of these thought-provoking illustrations? Did these hit you differently than they did us? After all, each one of these art pieces means something different to each person. Let us know in the comments below what they mean to you.


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