Artist Hilariously Recreates Thrift Shop Paintings By Adding Monsters In Them

Many of us love art and enjoy painting. Sketching out something and bringing it to life with all the colors and by adding little details to give it a more realistic look. It is without a doubt one of the most relaxing and therapeutic activities to take on. It is said to relief stress and put you at peace. Especially, when you are painting a landscape with greenery in it. It is almost like taking a negative ion therapy. Which is great for people who are depressed and who suffer from anxiety and stress.

People who appreciate art like to take it to another level by being innovative and exhibiting a dash of their art mixed with somebody else’s masterpiece. Among many artists who modify paintings made by others, this one artist buys paintings from the thrift store and remodels them by adding monsters in it. Chris McMahon has modified many landscape paintings by hilariously adding in monsters. He carefully uses perfect color combinations of acrylic and oil paints to blend his monsters into the original scene. He picks up the best landscapes painted by other artists at the thrift store or goodwill and adds in his own creativity and it turns out great. Scroll down to check out his work.

This one looks like cookie monster gone wild.

A hungry shark man about to attack the peaceful whereabouts of the ocean.

The innocent fish beast steps on the ground for the first time.

This monster is using the lake as a jacuzzi.

This monster is not happy with the sailing ship. He doesn’t approve.

Where a lot of people have taken up painting and sketching as a hobby there are people who are dependant on it for their bread and butter. They say when you’re good at something, never do it for free. Some people are gifted with this amazing talent of being able to paint well. They improve themselves with a lot of practice and become the master of the skill they already possess. They make cash by selling their art and make it a source of income. Who doesn’t want to adorn their home with an exquisite painting? But, sometimes they can be very expensive. Not everyone is able to afford one unless you’re an art lover who’s willing to invest in pricy art pieces by famous artists.

These monstrous horses are laughing about something humans did…

This one isn’t sure if he’s in the right place. Or, he was sneaking out and got caught.

An angry dragon trying to calm down.

A pregnant lizard taking a walk because the doctor said so.

This one looks like Ben’s omnitrix went wrong.

A creepy unicorn unleashed.

A friendly monster with horns trying to pluck a tree like a bunch of flowers.

Snowy bare monster enjoying nature and all the pretty things this world has to offer.

Creepy green fish beast trying to explain himself…

This one has a strong resemblance with Taz from the loony tunes but something is very fishy about him (no puns intended).

The hungry octopus enjoying his Italian lunch.

This is no ordinary love…

Peek a boo! I see you!

A crazy Halloween costume for a fish. He’s probably asking for a trick or treat.

Elsa, is that you?


That’s a weird dog. Would still pet him 10/10.

Hysterically creepy creatures fit just right into these paintings. We love them. Let us know what you guys think about these paintings in the comments below.

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