50 Two-Sentence Horror Stories Which Will Give You Nightmares

One can make anything scary.

You might think that wanting to write a horror story requires a lot of work and it is quite complicated. And while it may be somewhat true, it doesn’t take much to scare someone. Humans are naturally cautious and that is built within us. A sort of sixth sense that kicks in when we sense that something is wrong. That is the exact feeling of anticipation when you know a jump scare is coming while watching a horror movie.

Well, the following people decided to flip that trope on its head. The following stories are not length and don’t have any developed characters. You might think this works against the stories. But in actuality, these two-sentence stories are actually quite terrifying especially when you read about the twist. They may be short, but they aren’t lacking in imagination. And you can see that for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Reddit

#1 Glowing ball.


#2 Mother has come back.


#3 Lavender essential oil.


#4 Wagging tail.


#5 A good boy.



This will hit you right in your tear ducts.

#6 Smile wide.


#7 Eyes peering through.


#8 Only children allowed.


#9 Attractive wife.


#10 College application.


That is certainly one way to bolster your College application.

#11 Real monsters.


#12 Lucid dreaming.


#13 Knocking on doors.


#14 Police officer.


#15 Surprise snowman.


Nobody would want to see that ‘surprise’.

#16 Hard work.


#17 Time loop.


#18 Jewish family.


#19 Burning skin.



Better get a exorcist because they are going to need one.

#20 Source of the smell.



#21 A kiss on the cheek.


#22 Checking on the baby.


#23 Quick shot.


#24 Last wish.


We don’t know what their dad did. So who are we to judge this person for their crime?

#25 Working curse.


The stories are from Reddit and apparently, people love to read these. If one wants to experience horror but doesn’t have the time to get their adrenaline running, these might be it. As we all know usual horror movies can be quite long and, recent ones rely mostly on jump scares rather than building tension. These stories are different however as we can only try to imagine the imagery if we want to experience the two sentences.

#26 Moving a lot.


#27 Lonely child.


That was certainly sweet of her to do. Anybody can be a good mother after all.

#28 A hero.



#29 Ouija Board.


#30 Surprise hair.



#31 Failed attempt.


#32 Only two sentences.


Well, we aren’t going to hear from this person ever again by the looks of it.

#33 Dy*ng over and over.


#34 Departing train.


Some people have actually experienced this and it is the scariest feeling of all.

#35 Lost son.


#36 Sleeping son.


#37 Faint cries for help.


#38 Female astronauts.


Atleast they know aliens exist now unless they have found a way to reproduce without a male.

#39 The rat with memories.


#40 Monster under the bed.


There are monsters all around us.

#41 Quiet internal voices.


#42 Painful childbirth.


#43 Loving husband.


#44 Time travel.


#45 Helpful seatbelt.


#46 Peanut allergy.


#47 Hide and seek.


#48 Tough for a 4 year old.


#49 Test results.


#50 A white lie.


What did you think of these two-sentence horror stories? Did they surprise you as much as they did to us? Comment down below and let us know.

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