30 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Give You Chills

  • By Asad
  • August 14, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Reddit is the home of a lot of people, both creative, supportive, or otherwise, and they all band together for those few popular subreddits who have captured the imagination of the masses. One such subreddit is “Two-Sentence Horror”, where Redditors write up a story, or the beginning of a story, in just two sentences. The idea behind this, and what makes it so successful, is that it’s not nearly as time-consuming as all the other options.

You can spend five minutes writing or five minutes reading to do something, or you can binge it for the rest of the day if you so wish. And if you’re a writer, you don’t need to think too much about the lore, the setting, the characters, you can just make things happen in two sentences that will freak people out for the rest of the day. It’s actually quite ingenious, and judging by how popular the subreddit is, quite successful as well.

Source: Reddit

#1 Parasite

PsychCentral discussed why there are some people who love horror and some who hate it.

Some people can’t get enough of scary movies. They’ve seen scores of scary films – over and over. They catch horror flicks on opening night. They have DVD collections at home. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a scary movie. They freak me out, leaving me unsettled for days — the images a record player in my mind. In fact, I have a hard enough time sitting through the scarier scenes of “Sons of Anarchy.” (I watch it with my boyfriend, and sometimes need to leave the room.)

#2 Wished back

#3 Letter

#4 Never happened

#5 Basement

#6 Wide smile

#7 Autistic

According to Glenn Sparks, Ph.D, a professor and associate head of the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University, one reason for the appeal is how you feel after the movie. This is called the excitation transfer process. Sparks’s research found that when people watch frightening films, their heart rate, blood pressure and respiration increases.

#8 Disappeared

#9 Misbehave

#10 Mars

#11 Flattering

#12 Aryan

#13 Julia and Sara

After the film is over, this physiological arousal lingers, Sparks said. (We’re just not aware of it.) That means that any positive emotions you experience – like having fun with friends – are intensified, he said. Instead of focusing on the fright you felt during the film, you recall having a great time. And you’ll want to come back for more, he said.

#14 Doorbells

#15 Extended dreaming

#16 Silent

#17 Touch

#18 Family

However, if your experience was negative, you might not. For instance, let’s say you were on a date that wasn’t going well or you got into a car accident on your way home, Sparks said. Again, because your lingering arousal heightens any emotions you experience, the negative feelings might sway you to skip a scary flick in the future.

#19 Son

#20 Details


#21 Cole

#22 Morse code

#23 Contagion

Some people are simply wired to enjoy high levels of physiological arousal, Sparks said. According to the literature, he said, about 10 percent of the population enjoys the adrenaline rush. (Not surprisingly, these individuals also love rollercoasters. Not surprisingly, I do not.)

#24 Hammered

#25 Snowman

#26 Suicide

#28 Children only

#29 Time loop

Similarly, wiring may explain why others hate scary movies. Specifically, some individuals have a harder time screening out unwanted stimuli in their environment, Sparks said. For instance, they might be hypersensitive to the temperature in a room or the tag on their shirt. These same individuals are more likely to have intense physiological reactions to horror films.

#30 Wagged tail

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