Two Sisters Recreated Vintage Halloween Photos That Will Give You Nightmares (27 Pics)

As soon as the month of October starts we find ourselves to be in deep thoughts about what to wear on Halloween. People opt for all sorts of costumes, from be the evil demons to the innocent angels. Some people like to dress as fictional characters while others find ease in creating their own monsters. Some even turn into Disney prince and princesses. It all depends on how creative we can be with our costumes.

When we talk about Halloween it’s impossible that we miss out on the vintage Halloween costumes. As good as they look and sound, vintage photographs have the ability to completely freak us out. Almost all of us have our grandparent’s childhood photographs where they are dressed up for Halloween wearing creepy masks and loose fitted robe-like gowns. Tara Mapes a fine art photographer with the help of her sister, recreated some vintage Halloween photos that are undoubtedly scary to the extent where they can give you nightmares. Scroll down and check them out.

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Creepy Joker giving us creeps.

Creepy joker digging a grave.

Creepy joker dragging a corpse.

Creepy Joker posing with a tree.

A strange woman wearing plague mask.


That’s what Tara said in regards to this photoshoot.

“Whenever I see vintage images of children wearing papier-mache masks in the past, that they most certainly made at home, I wonder if they knew how long they’d be terrifying the future. Every one of them is 100% more terrifying than the top 10 horror movies trending on Netflix. That’s my jam.” Further she added “So my sister and I decided to make some of our own. Combined with some store-bought masks, I photographed her to recreate some vintage-inspired Halloween horror pics, inspired by smiling kids of the past.”

Looks a lot like the older version of Joker from Batman.

Say hello to the cat-like panda who is up to no good.

Told ya’ he was up to no good. Now, see what he just did? He chopped off his hands.

Looks like she’s back from the dead…

To have her photo taken.

Evil goat smoking her terror away.

She doesn’t seem alright.

This cute goat belp is sending shivers down our spines.

The weird brick face is the reason why we can’t sleep at night.

The nun…

This murderous pig is trying to tell us something.

Maybe she used to be an acrobat.

Then she changed her path and made a different career choice.


The skull-faced.

She is definitely the ghost from “the ring”.

Don’t worry kids, your old mother goose is here.

Guess she’s hiding something… A body, maybe.

Does this log mean something?

Maybe she’s just posing.

All these hair-raising photos won’t let us sleep at night. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below. Do share with others.

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