5 Reasons Why Watching Horror Movies With Your SO Can Make Your Relationship Strong

1. Watching Horror Films reduces stress.

One of the major things that you experience while watching a horror film is the adrenaline rush. It’s a hormone that is released into our bloodstream in a fight-or-flight situation. Now, it’s true that we are not directly involved in the situation but because we are so engrossed into the film we’re watching our body releases adrenaline and sharpens our senses.

Our body decreases our ability to feel pain and increases the mental focus. In that instance, our mind is free from all thoughts and we feel completely unbothered. This helps us in reducing stress and tackling anxiety. While talking to Time, Margee Kerr a sociologist said: “The research my colleagues and I have done show a high-arousal negative stimuli improves mood significantly. The different neurotransmitters and hormones released during the experience could explain that.”

While this is a great way of handling stress for everyone, it is highly recommended for couples dealing with stress and anxiety as it quickly makes them forget about their worries and lightens up their mood. 

2. It makes you feel vulnerable.

Feeling vulnerable around the person you love is always healthy for a relationship. While a lot us absolutely hate being vulnerable, sometimes it’s that one missing piece of the puzzle that’s seriously needed. Feeling vulnerable around your partner allows you to communicate with them better. You can open up to them more, talk about all your irrational fears, share your feelings with them and be more vocal about everything. 

And watching a scary movie is always a good excuse to get to that point where you can sit with your partner and talk about the most strange things.

3. Watching scary movies can be romantic.

Oh, yes! Let’s not forget that scary movies are absolutely romantic. I mean, apart from all the actual benefits, it’s quite common among couples to just watch horror films for fun! Besides, sciences says that watching something scary can make people fall more in love. So, as the big guy pulls out his knife and chases his next victim, you can sit closer to your partner, and hold them a little more tightly. It really is a win-win situation if you think about it!

4. Horror films can be a good excuse to get close.

Okay, this just might be one of the BEST reasons to watch scary movies. You can easily get close to your girlfriend/boyfriend both physically and mentally. Imagine, you’re watching a serial killer chase an innocent couple in the movie. So, naturally you would picture yourself and your partner in that exact situation as you watch. And with all the humor, thriller and excitment that’s involved in the process, you would find yourself happier and closer with your loved one.

P.S There’s a very good chance that one of you would cling to the other every time you see something scary. So, that’s always a plus.*winks*

5. It helps to reveal your fears.

Watching scary movies is more than just snuggling, laughing and having a good time. It helps to reveal your inner fears. It gives you and your partner a way of understanding each other more. You get to see both the soft and the dark side of your partner. Also, watching a horror film on your first date is always a nice idea. It gives you both a lot to talk about and also gives an impression of what the other person is like.

So, what horror film are you watching with your date tonight? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us. 

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