20 Terrifyingly Weird Creatures Under A Microscope

This world has a lot of great hidden mysteries that humans are yet to discover. There are things that a human eye just cannot see. We may see the world in a simpler form to make our own lives easier. We try to make sense of the world as much as we can. Somethings, however, are just too much to handle sometimes.

If you see a tiny creature such as a worm, you’d probably think; oh, a squishy little wet creature that slithers. But, have you ever wondered what its face might look like? How exactly can they see. What do their mouths look like? These may be strange questions, but believe us, someone or some people had these same questions. They wanted to see what these little creatures look like up close. So, they got some of strangest creatures that we, humans, are usually scared of, and put them under a microscope. The results were… quiet interesting to say the least.

Beware! These are not for the weak hearted.These WILL give you an icky feeling. Proceed, at your own risk;

1. Maggot

Imagine these. 100’s of these, crawling on a human body.

2. Tardigrade

3. Marine Worm

The eyes!

4. Tadpole

5. Deep Sea Worm

Yeah, Not going underwater now. Ever!

6. Zebrafish Larvae

7. Water Bear

Bears are supposed to be cute!

8. Wooly Bear Caterpillar

9. Head Louse

Run for your life.

10. Sludge Worm

11. Bristle Worm

Is it on me? I feel like it’s on me… Yikes!

12. Zebrafish Embryo

13. Maggot


14. MealWorm

15. Ant

There was a time when I thought ants are just tiny and cute. That time is now gone.

16. Caterpillar

THESE turn into beautiful butterflies?!?!

17. Whitefly

18. Wasp

19. Deep Ocean Worm

The ocean is full of weird things.

20. Ant’s Butthole


Yes, this was also necessary.

Did you get creeped out or not? I certainly did! These were enough to give me a phobia of tiny creatures and even the sea. Pretty sure, I won’t be able to sleep at night. Would you?

Want to creep other people out? Share this with them. They won’t be able to resist. Don’t forget to mention which one was the creepiest one, in the comments section below!

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