People Share Their Weird Halloween Experiences

  • By Saif
  • September 15, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Throughout the year, we’ve got several dates to learn or mark our calendars with. And the reason you do that is that they hold an emotional value. It could be either your best friend’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, they still feel like the first time you experienced them. And others are just national holidays that you can’t wait to enjoy. Waiting to get a few days off of work and just relaxing with family and friends. Sounds really good, right?

One such date is October, the 31st. Does that ring a bell? It’s the Halloween, you guys! It is not an official holiday but most people think it is. And to be honest, we’re okay with it as long as we’re enjoying ourselves. But you see there’s something different about Halloween. It’s definitely not your basic holiday. It’s where all the spook happens. But we’re not here to scare you. We’re here to make you laugh. Well, actually it’s Jimmy Fallon’s idea. Just like many other Twitter challenges which include #WeddingFail, #WhyIGotDumped, #MyDrunkChallenge, and many others, we’ve got ourselves a favourite one. It is #TheWeirdestHalloweenEver challenge that has gotten us laughing our heads off.
And now, we want you to laugh a little too. So scroll below to see some of the best and funniest weirdest Halloween moments that people on Twitter shared.

1. Starting off with this one

via backinpack

But potato costumes are a-peeling.

2. Not too bad..

via Cococohughes

Caution! This floor is not wet.

3. Damn, your moms a savage!

via JillsNPotions

And she’s a boss witch.

4. You are what you eat…

via NisaMarie6


5. And Jimmy Fallon himself decided to join in..

via jimmyfallon

They knew this was their moment.

6. And it’s that time of the month..

via talktoalyson

Hmm, BUT how did he know that!?

7. That’s probably the funniest thing an adult has done.

via RDJanes1

But if it worked then kudos to you!

8. We don’t know what’s going on here…

via Kim_pulsive

Coincidence can get you in trouble sometimes

9. Well, where’s Waldo now?

via JeezOhPetePetit

Not so easy huh?

10. Roles reversed!

via RealMrGerardo

There is nothing a teacher can’t do.

11. They’ve got a spook emergency!

via Myshcka

That bloody sucks!

12. Tell us that doesn’t happen every Halloween!

via RowdyFallon

It’s meant to happen.

13. Pretty neat for someone who doesn’t understand Halloween…

via joypamnani

Could’ve just tricked him later.

14. Hmm, Halloween Carols…

via katrinahopes

We hope they all were dressed up like skeletons just to be a little extra

15. As if that wasn’t going to happen.

via brooke_ranson

We all know it was.

Oh no, not so soon. We still have a lot more to see. By that we mean, a lot weirder stuff to witness. And we’re completely ready for it. So brace yourselves, these weird Halloween moments could get a bit too exciting for Halloween this year. And maybe this time you could come up with your own weirdest Halloween story. Who knows! We’ll just have to wait and watch. But for now, we’re only watching other people share their Halloween stories. Let’s get scrolling again.

16. That’s cereal-ously cute…

via LoganKREX5

But did they figure out what goes in first? Milk or cereal?

17. Somethings are just very obvious…

via PunkReckless

Like this one!

18. Never drink on Halloween:

via _kinda_a_bitch_

This must’ve left kids frozen. Not good, Elsa!

19. Zombies, zombies everywhere…

via Dinker711

Well, of corpse he can!

20. Who would’ve thought?

via haileynma

Give us the address right now!!!!

21. Yikes!

via dsvobo

Guess they were just trying to make it up.. MAYBE

22. But how is that possible…

via arankin8

Escaping from duties on Halloween on another level.

23. Don’t believe everything you read on internet.

via quizat_zatarak

Except this. This is amazing!

24. Since Halloween is for everyone..

via ellceem

Hope those kids were given treats after being tricked.

25. Halloween gone wrong!

via SeithTristan

Werewolf? There wolf, with the police.

26. Uh-oh!

via crives1

The real anxiety must’ve kicked in later.

27. That escalated quickly.

via Camm_31

But what made them change their attires?

28. Ummmmm…

via LoganKREX5

He dressed up as a mad scientist for a reason.

29. The best duo ever!

via DannyLosso

That’s the love we have for Forrest and Jenny!

30. When it’s finally time for kids to grow up…

via ktchamplain

Seriously kids, Don’t.

That’s crazy. We can’t thank Jimmy Fallon enough for this challenge. We didn’t know we needed it till now. And we tell you, this is essential. If you’re not reading these while cracking up, are you even alive? But IF you’re here, that means you’re pretty much alive and having fun, just like we did. Now you believe when we say that not all spook is really spooking. There’s obviously a story behind each costume. And we’re glad we got to know. So, what are you waiting for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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