Adorable Comics Show The Wholesome Side Of The Grim Reaper

Death is scary and grim reaper is scarier. Well, as the name suggests, death is viewed as dark and gloomy. It certainly does scare the sh*t out of us. All our life we’ve seen comics and heard stories about death and its real-world personification that is the great grim reaper. Yes, you heard it right! If death were a person, it would be the grim reaper. It’ a mythical character that causes the death of a person by taking away their soul.

Just like death and some of our souls, grim reaper wears black. This is what makes him even more frightening. But would we be scared of him if he wore pink instead of black? Probably not. However, some girls would definitely ask him where did he get that pink cloak. Naturally, they would want to buy it too. Now, keeping that in mind allow us to present you The Pink Reaper Comics that totally nailed the fun side of death and tossed the big scary grim in the trash. Scroll down to meet the all-new stylish Pink Reaper.

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Aww, poor grim.

She totally wants to copy this fashion. It sure is a badass cloak tho!

Ah! Women and fashion. They both go hand in hand. If you happen to cross path with a woman, the chances are she will question your fashion. Well, for instance, imagine you’re randomly walking in a mall wearing a loosely fitted track suit, something like Billie Eilish would wear. You are minding your own business, doing your thing and some passerby lady stops you and starts questing your sense of style. People just can’t resist asking/ questioning, can they? It’s no surprise and we’re pretty convinced that they have the audacity to ask death questions about its fashion too.

Grim would look hilarious if he had some facial hair.

“New technology sucks! Stupid phone locks!!!”

Hollow inside…

Reaper has a sad past.

Reaper is not all grim, he has a soft side too.

Words of wisdom from the pink reaper. He’s a good boy.

Ghostie is not happy with this.

Reaper, we can relate.

Gone with the wind.

Reaper enjoys good music. He’s not all grim you guys!

Never thought grim could put anyone in “good spirits.”

Just breathe…

Reaper enjoys a nice hike to hell.

He may talk to himself sometimes…

It’s completely normal to stop and enjoy the rain sometimes.

“Oh, the bone-cracking sound of the gong. So relaxing.”

HA! Add “I” before anything and it would become like a 100 times more expensive than the one with no I.

This scythe has some very cool features but reaper doesn’t agree.


The ultimate revival weapon. Probably something the anti-reaper would like.

Perhaps, something stronger would be nice.

It matches the pink cloak.

Not helping!

“How do people even shop!? It’s a difficult task.”

Thank you. NEXT!!

Reaper is happy. Reaper approves.

A very amusing comic for a very dark subject. We approve of this, do you? Let us know about your thoughts on this in the comments below. Hearing from you is always wholesome. Don’t forget to share this with those who enjoy the same taste in dark and funny comics as you.

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