10+ Comics About The Adventures Of Hedgehog With A Horrific Twist

Sonic has never been creepier.

That might be a lie since we all remember the first iteration of sonic the hedgehog that was released. The community as a whole panned the design before the movie had even come out. And while I didn’t play sonic the hedgehog as a child, even I was disturbed by how weird Sonic looked in the trailer. Thankfully, because of the backlash the artists scrambled to change the design after the movie was close to finished.

And while he might have looked creepy, he has always had a fun personality so that counteracted whatever sort of eyes or fur he had. However, this particular artist wanted to create comics about Sonic that share a creepy tale of his background. I don’t even know how they came up with this or even why but we have been ‘blessed’ with these horrific comics. And you can take a look at these yourself by scrolling.

As a warning beforehand, these might ruin Sonic for you so proceed with caution. 

Source: Deviantart

#1 We have only started and the design of Sonic is already unnerving me.

#2 The child sleeps peacefully.

#3 But Sonic is always nearby.

#4 Ready to take anyone in his path on an adventure.

#5 And he leaves only blood behind.

#6 This iteration of Sonic prefers children.

#7 And he will find you when you are alone in the dark.

#8 Popping out of seemingly nowhere.

#9 And the calm will once again fall into the town.

#10 Kids don’t always see him coming.

#11 But even when they do, he is too fast for them.

#12 Cathing up to them without any problem.

Jolly Jack is the one behind these monstrosities. And honestly, I would just like to have a conversation with him to understand how he came up with this idea.

The artist lives in England and has drawn quite a lot of art mostly recreating iconic characters with a twist. This particular comic was drawn for casual horror Friday and I have to say there is nothing casual about it.

#13 After all, he has to go fast and he always enjoys the hunt.

#14 And when he catches you, he will trap you forever.

#15 All he wans is more friends and this is the way he gets them.

#16 And when he become sbored, he uses these kids to harvest more lives.

#17 You never want to wear rings around him.

#18 Because when he finds his 100th ring.

#19 You will soon realize.

#20 That he will be reborn.


#21 However, he doesn’t discriminate.

#22 Sadly, not even dogs are safe from his terror.

#23 Being taken away for his use.

What did you think of this creepy comic? Would you want to see this sort of thing animated? Comment down below and let us know.

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