23 Child Actors From Classic Horror Movies That Have Changed Competently

People can change a lot in just a few years. 

Especially in the early years. I mean children can change into a completely different person in just a year or so. While this change slows down as age goes on, there is no end to the transformation of a person. Well, that is what we wanted to see in these child actors from some of our favorite horror movies. From The Exorcist to recent ones like Orphan, there are many people that we need to get through.

And if you didn’t feel old already, these are bound to make you feel a little older than you actually are. I mean I didn’t even realize some of these movies came so many years ago, it just seems so recent and it is always a surprise to see the actors portraying these characters changing so much right in front of your eyes. 

You can see that for yourself by scrolling below.

#1 John Franklin from Children of the Corn. (1984)


#2 Linsey Haun from Village of the Damned. (1995)


#3 Daveigh Chase from The Ring. (2002)


#4 Linda Blair from The Exorcist. (1973)


#5 Jodelle Ferlan from Silent Hill. (2006)


#6 Emily Browning from Ghost Ship. (2002)


#7 Isabelle Fuhrman from Orphan. (2009)


#8 Miko Hughes from Pet Sematary. (1989)


#9 Sissy Spacek from Carrie. (1976)


#10 Ivana Baquero from Pan’s Labyrinth. (2006)


#11 Kirsten Dunst from Interview with the Vampire. (1994)


#12 Anna Sophia Robb from The Reaping. (2007)


#13 Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick from The Omen. (2006)


Sadly, most of these child actors have left the film industry altogether. As most child actors already know is that being in a movie at a young get can actually harm you more than it can help you. People think you are like your character which is pretty dumb. The shinning twins couldn’t even get into a school because people saw them in the movie and declined their requests.

#14 Cody Dorkin from Village of the Damned. (1995)


#15 Louide and Lisa Burns from The Shining. (1980)


#16 Dakota Fanning from Hide and Seek. (2005)


#17 Roger Princep from The Orphanage. (2007)


#18 Saoirse Ronan from Lovely Bones. (2009)


Not many people are aware of this particular movie but I can safely say that it is one of the movies that has stuck with me through my life. It is honestly a diamond in the rough but it is definitely not for everybody.

#19 Christina Ricci from The Addams Family. (1991)


#20 Chloe Grace Moretz from The Amityville Horror. (2005)


#21 Alex Vincent from Child’s Play. (1988)


#22 Junio Valverde from The Devil’s Backbone. (2001)


#23 Johnny Depp from A Nightmare on Elm Street.


How have these actors changed in your mind? Comment down below and let us know.

25 People Who Worked At Funeral Homes Share Secret Confessions That’ll Creep You Out

Grief is a powerful emotion.

And everyone has gone through at least some point in their life. We all see our loved ones pass away and it is just the way life is. However, just because it is ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ doesn’t mean it is any easier on any of us. Even if you know it is coming, it is still one of the hardest things to deal with and I would know. 

However, this is the time when families come together and help each other. And who is the one doing all the hard work so we don’t have to? The funeral homes of course. Their work is really important but they do not get appreciated enough. I mean they have to clean the body, make the body look like it is still ‘normal looking’ and not blue and rotting. 

That is why today we have some anonymous confessions from morticians that will surprise you. You can read them yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Whisper

#1 Buried with a poodle.


We had an elderly lady who passed away who wished to be buried with her poodle. The family had the dog put down and cremated and the ashes went into her coffin. I found that strange!

#2 NSYNC Music.


I did a funeral with all NSYNC music. We [played “Bye Bye Bye”] as the coffin went down into the ground. On request.

#3 Grave Jumpers.


I have dealt with plenty of screaming fights. Casket jumpers are a real thing — rare, but they happen. I’ve seen two in my 10 years of work. I’ve also witnessed fist fights. I got in the middle of a huge screaming match to break it up while eight months pregnant.

#4 Fishing Jacket.


I did a funeral for the Queen’s private secretary’s mother, and it was requested she be buried in a fishing jacket. I was told she never went fishing when I asked.

#5 Hungry for some ribs.


The first time I embalmed someone who had had an autopsy, we used paraformaldehyde and the senior embalmer I was with made a reference to how it was just like putting a rub on meat. It made me think about how I hadn’t had ribs in a really long time.

I got ribs for dinner, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the autopsy the whole time. I don’t eat ribs anymore. Honestly I wasn’t much of a meat eater to begin with, but I avoid it even more now.

#6 Sliding the casket in.


Caskets are massively marked up. Cemeteries charge ridiculous amounts of money for digging a hole and filling it in. The worst is when you are entombed and the cemetery literally just opens a door to slide the casket in.

#7 Six Feet Under.


People expect me to be an elitist about [Six Feet Under], but I think it was really well done. A colleague of mine was one of the mortician consultants on the show, so they took getting the death stuff right pretty seriously.

#8 Pouring the remains in.


I’ve heard of people who jumped fences at night, dug a hole, and poured cremains in. It’s not unheard of!

#9 The embalming process.


I’ve seen two exhumations. One was buried in 1989 and exhumed in 2015. He was in surprisingly good shape and must have been embalmed well. He still had cosmetics on his face, but his legs were bone.

#10 Reacting bodies.


I generally tell my families that we will do our best, but I never guarantee any results until I’m much further along in the process. So many things can go awry, and sometimes bodies don’t react the way we want them to during embalming.

#11 Physical job.


I was surprised at what a physical job it was. Lots of heavy lifting (bodies, caskets, etc).

#12 Old pictures.


Especially with old ladies with wispy grey hair, the family often brings in a picture of when she was 20 and asks for her hair to be done like that! They also fetch clothes that have been put away for years and the person has put on weight since.

#13 Sexist industry.


It’s a painfully stagnant industry. The funeral industry is also stubborn and doesn’t like to hire women. The business is predominantly male and they like to keep it that way. Even though I graduated at the top of my class and had a stellar resume, I was passed over for a guy who graduated dead last.

#14 Old style mustache.


Once I got someone with a huge Civil War-style mustache and I wrote on the embalming report that he died due to ‘complications from time travel.’ We joke around a lot.

#15 Last christmas.


It can get busy after major holidays, but not because people ‘hold on’ for one last Christmas. Believe it or not, families will wait to have calling hours and a funeral so not to upset anyone. I’ve had families that left bodies in the prep room for a few weeks. So to them, it’s better to leave Auntie Sue lying on a table for a while than to upset anyone during Christmas dinner.

#16 Working with the living.


I don’t really get creeped out. I always say that the living can hurt you – not the dead. I’ve [worked with] people of all ages and even family members and friends and never been creeped out. TBH I would sometimes rather work with the dead than the living!

#17 It is just a job, why is it looked down upon from other people?

#18 Just because you are going through something doesn’t give you leeay to act rude towards other human beings.

#19 Honestly, I think everyone would be scared of that. Falling from a 6 feet height into an enclosed space doesn’t sound like fun to me.

#20 As morbid as it sounds, they are just bodies and nothing else. It is not as if they will wake up.

#21 Just because you have seen bodies doesn’t mean you will get scared. Do you ever ask the same question from a Doctor?

Being a mortician means you have to deal with not only bodies but also people who are going through the most painful process anyone can imagine. And dealing with a grieving person is hard work. Because you never know how they’re going to respond and they might even get angry at the tiniest things that appear normal to everyone else.

#22 Honestly, when you love your job, it is fun to talk about it even if people get annoyed at you.

#23 Just because you see a lot of something everyday doesn’t mean you get used to it. Crying just makes you human.

#24 It may not seem like a great job for many people but who do it, feel rewarded for their efforts.

#25 I honestly don’t know what is so shocking about it. I mean it should just be considered a normal job.

#26 There is nothing wrong with not wanting to have children but it should always be a well-thought out decision.

Would you have ever expected these confessions? Do you work as a mortician? If so what are your thoughts on the job? Comment down below and let us know.

10+ Creepy Covers Of Vintage Albums Which Will Creep You Out

The past was a different time. 

I know that is a very obvious statement but I mean in the terms of what was acceptable back then might be considered weird now. Like these album covers which are just creepy if you ask me. There is nothing wrong with making intentionally creepy covers if that is what represents your music. After all many rock bands do that. 

However, these are just straight-up horrific without actually trying to be which is the weirdest part. I mean who thought these were a good idea? I would love to have a talk with that person. From creepy clowns to soulless puppets, these have it all. So if you want your sleep ruined for months to come, you can take a look for yourself by scrolling below. 

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

#1 I am not at all tempted to listen to this album.

#2 The smile is what makes it even more unnerving.

#3 If their main goal was creeping everyone out, they definitely achieved it.

#4 You are telling me Disney approved this horror show?

#5 This is one Christmas party I’d be happy to miss.

#6 I wonder why I never liked puppets.

#7 I at least love the tiny hat he is wearing.

#8 I wouldn’t be having so much fun playing with a human skeleton.

#9 They should have definitely removed the fun part from the cover.

#10 Even more puppets? What did I do to deserve this?

#11 Yes, just stick your hand up his butt. That is totally normal.

I know I am probably making a lot of people angry with my hate of clowns and puppets. But honestly, I don’t hate clowns or puppets if they look adorable and their makeup is done correctly. Most clowns in vintage pictures just look horrifying. And now I finally understand why some many people are afraid of clowns.

#12 I wouldn’t be surprised if the man was just a realistic looking puppet.

#13 I wouldn’t call that a miracle but different strokes for different people, I suppose.

#14 Even the duck isn’t truly happy to be on this cover.

#15 The little chicks are the only things saving this cover for me.

Tell me I am not the only one who read it as Diddly men at first.

#16 We should all learn to dream bigger than just wanting a dentist for Christmas.

#17 I would be just as terrified as the child if I saw a giant clown.

#18 I feel as if I am being torture by clown pictures. To be fair, it is working.

#19 Girls playing ring-a-rosie would have been cute. Why add the man with clown makeup?

#20 Little Marcy should never be given to any child ever.

#21 That is the smile that represents what I am feeling right now.

What did you think of these album covers? Did you actually like them? If so, what is wrong with you? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can ‘enjoy’ some of these as well.

10 Of The Creepiest Places In Europe That You Must Visit At Least Once

Humans have a fascination with creepy places.

I don’t what it is but some of us willingly want to go to places which are famous for being haunted. It is probably because many people don’t believe in ghosts and such and are down to explore the scariest places in the world. Well, if you are one of these people and want to see what all the fuss is about, we have made a handy dandy list for you.

This is especially true if you live in Europe because it would be much easier to travel. Some of these might even be in your country. From haunted houses, cemeteries with open bones lying around to the castle that inspired Dracula, we have it all. So scroll below to take a look for yourself. And don’t worry you won’t get cursed just by reading about the places.

#1 The Hallstatt Bonehouse, Austria.


This bonehouse was created because the town didn’t have enough space for burying their families. So they created an underground home for the deceased. People come here to pray for their family and decorate the bones.


#2 The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy.


Only the rich can get their deceased housed here since it is an expensive process. The embalming technique is quite unique which leads to the appearances shown in these pictures.


#3 Church of Ghosts, Czech Republic.


This is an abandoned church and an artist by the name of Jakub Hadvara wanted to honor all the people passed away because of the collpasing of this church. He did so by creating these ghostly statues with plaster.


#4 Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania.


This is known as the most Haunted forest in the world and for good reason. Not only have there been many reported sightings of weird things but the place is also barren with nature all around it.


#5 Hill of Crosses, Lithuania.


This is actually a place of worship for many people. This hill houses more than 100,000 crosses with more being added everyday.


#6 Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.


I think we have all at least heard about this castle. People who visit this place report hearing screams of ghost and such.


#7 Cortijo Jurado, Spain.


This house has been abandoned for centuries since many people believe the original owners used to kidnap girls and torture them in the basement.


#8 Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic.


This is also known as the Bone Church and it gets it’s name because it is fully decorated with bones of the deceased. It is mostly filled with the bones of those who passed away because of The Black Plague.


#9 Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania.


Many people belive this to be Dracula’s Castle and while others think this was the inspiration for the creation of Dracula’s Castle. Whatever the truth may be, we can all admit it is quite creepy in a grandiose sort of way.


Would you ever visit any of these places? Let us know in the comments below.

23 Mugshots Of People With Crazy Hairstyles That Are Creepy And Hilarious

Hairstyles are a great way to show off your creativity. 

I mean people will say that damaging your hair by coloring it crazy colors is not worth it. But I say that it is only hair and that even if you mess up and all your hair falls out, it will grow out. And if not, nothing is stopping you from rocking a bald head even if you’re a woman. It just depends on if you can carry it with confidence and style.

However, that is the thing the following people could not do. While we are not here to make fun of anyone. And some of these people might be suffering from serious mental issues that we don’t know about so in no way will we put them down appearance-wise. This is just a lighthearted commentary on the hairstyles they chose to present in their mugshots. 

We all know mugshots are on the Internet forever and today we get to enjoy some of the craziest hairstyles you will ever see. So scroll below to take a look.

#1 This is a very extreme version of a mullet that some people can indeed pull off.

#2 Maybe she didn’t have enough time to put on her wig properly?

#3 It is certainly a bold statement, I just don’t know what it says.

#4 Some of these are not actually bad, they were just probably in the middle of finishing the braids.

#5 The less that is said about the guy with half shaved head, the better.

#6 Are those sharpie bangs or are they actual hair?

#7 The guy with the heterchromia just has a white afro which I don’t see anything wrong with.

#8 Sharpie brows were all the fashion back in the day.

#9 It is like they tried to do makeup but gave up half way.

#10 Are we sure that isn’t a birds nest on his hair?

#11 Atleast he looks happy with his hairstyle.

By the looks of it, some people were simply trying something new with their look while others were probably caught when they were getting their hair done or were in the process of shaving it all off. And yes, many people will call some of these hairstyles extreme but at the end of the day, it depends on the individual and they are allowed to do whatever they want with their body.

#12 Okay, not gonna lie, the pink hair is certainly very unique.

#13 Who has’t run out of dye part way through their hair? I know I have.

#14 I am pretty sure that is a white wig.

#15 To be honest, not everyone can pull off extremely bright hair colors.

#16 Maybe he was going for the Trump look.

#17 I don’t know what is happening here.

#18 When Melanie Martinez does it, it’s coll but not when someone else does it?

#19 With those face tattoo’s, it will be hard to find a job.

#20 Maybe he messed up with the Hitler stash.

#21 I don’t see anything wrong with the blonde hair style, it just needs a little more work.

#22 He definitely tried to snatch his edges.

#23 Well, if he is happy with it, who are we to judge?

Would you ever get one of these hairstyles? Or are they too extreme for you? Comment down below and let us know.

Artist Illustrated Famous Pop Icons With A Horrific Twist In His “Destroy” Series

Does Disney have a darker side?

Most people would say no. However, if you take a look at the source material from which some of the Disney movies come, you will change your tune pretty fast. I mean several Disney characters have a very dark history which the media only hints at until you delve deep enough. Although, Disney has always maintained the image of family-friendly. 

So they will never create an outright horror movie. And while they own a lot of popular franchises with some horror elements thrown in, they will never outright scare you. This particular artist wanted to change that though so they recreated some of our favorite Disney characters in quite a horrific way. Putting aside the immense talent they have, these artworks would give even the strongest of people nightmares.

And you can take a look at these yourself by scrolling below. 

Source: Facebook

#1 This Mickey Mouse apparently really likes graffiti.

#2 The rage that Donald Duck hides is on clear display here.

#3 The evil is clear in those dark eyes.

#4 Mario is after all in love with collecting mushrooms.

#5 Sometimes we all need to take off our mask no matter how painful it might be.

#6 Spongebob doesn’t even need a house.

#7 This is bound to be someones sleep paralysis demon.

#8 You should never smoke when you already have so many holes in you.

#9 When you have to survive in space a little longer than recommended.

#10 Breaking out of your shell is always hard.

#11 That is one way tog et your daily intake of cigarettes in one go.

The artist behind these goes by the name of Pex and they are from France. They are inspired by pop culture and current events that plague the world. You can take a look at even more of their beautiful art on their website which I would highly recommend. They even create some apt sketches that stick with you especially the message behind them.

#12 Paper mache is an art form not easily learned.

#13 Judging by the dollar signs, money is all he cares about.

#14 Floating in air has never been easier.

#15 When the hunter becomes the prey.

#16 When your stomach holds the whole world. Kirby would be proud.

#17 This building doesn’t really stick with the regulations put forth.

#18 This is not an issue, you can build them up again.

#19 If you thought colored it would make it better, you were wrong.

#20 Coloring it just makes it even more horrifying.

#21 When beer is all you can ever think about.

#22 Nobody wants to listen to minions talk.

#23 This is just too horrifying for my liking.

#24 He might get to fly now.

What are your thoughts on these art pieces? Comment down below and let us know.

22 Vintage Pictures Of Easter Bunnies That Will Give You Nightmares

What is Easter all about?

Most children love easter because they get to play games and eat delicious chocolate eggs. That is not to say that kids are the only ones who join in the celebration but they are the ones mostly geared towards, for this holiday. However, I don’t think any kid would have a great time if they were forced to sit on the lap of a person wearing a horrific easter bunny costume.

Don’t get me wrong, bunnies are adorable and I would love to have one in my home. However, that changes when the same face is on a fully grown adult. perhaps it is the way these costumes are made more so suited for Halloween rather than Easter. Whatever it is these kids are not having it. So we can see many children crying or smiling with terrified eyes. 

To be fair, I would react the same if I saw one of these people coming towards me in the middle of the night. And you can see that for yourself in these vintage pictures by scrolling below.

#1 The black eyeliner is what makes the costume so much worse.

#2 When you try to smile but it come off as you showing your teeth.

#3 Do people purposely buy costumes that look terrifying?

#4 I don’t think the bunny in ‘Alice in wonderland’ ever looked this serious.

#5 This has to be a Halloween costume. I refuse to believe otherwise.

#6 The girl in the yellow shirt has the right idea if you ask me.

#7 The kid is probably trying their hardest not to look at the monstrosity.

#8 This is just a person in a mask sitting in total darkness.

#9 The girl probably didn’t sleep for years after this encounter.

#10 My only question is why?

#11 Is it just me or is the pink bunny staring deep into your soul as well?

There is a reason vintage photos always look terrifying. It is probably because of the grainy quality coupled up with the overly posey nature of the pictures. After all, it used to be quite expensive to get pictures developed in old days. And the weird costumes don’t help but hopefully, the kids are all grown up and can laugh at these pictures.

#12 The kid is like ‘Do I have to do this?’

#13 When your mask gets trampled but you wear it anyway.

#14 This has to be a horror shoot.

#15 Even Superman is uncomfortable with the horrific bunny staring at him.

#16 Honestly I wouldn’t be able to smile either.

#17 This is a big no from me. Even the girl is running away.

#18 Just put on some bunny years and do some makeup rather than wearing this.

#19 WHen you got drunk the night before but had to show up to work hungover anyway.

#20 Atleast the bunny holding the garbage is having fun.

#21 If somebody showed up to my door dressed up like this, I would lock everything.

#22 That is the face of someone who regrets everything.

What did you think of these vintage photos? Would you ever wear one of these costumes? Comment down below and let us know.

22 Pictures Of Centipede Furbies That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Some people are big fans of furbies. 

However, I am one of the ‘normal’ population who is absolutely terrified of furbies. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can understand why some people find them cute but for me, those big eyes are just unnerving. And I love owls just fine. However, Furbies were a staple of every home when they were created in the ’90s.

Everyone wanted to have them and while they are still sold, they are not as popular as they used to be. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some people who create monstrosities out of their furbies. From attaching weird body parts to the toy to turning it into a centipede, nothing is off-limits. I have no idea why they do this. 

But if I have to take a look at these, so do you. So scroll below and ‘enjoy’. 

#1 This is for those who want to show off their rocker side with their furby.

#2 Atleast the color is nice and that is the only thing I have.

#3 I can understand why some people like this, It looks quite fluffy and fun to cuddle with.

#4 However, this one is just too much for me and not recommended for people with fear of spiders.

#5 The little hands just make it terrifying.

#6 Imagine seeing this face first thing in the morning.

#7 Not going to lie, the eyelashes and the autumn leaves are so pretty.

#8 Every childs dream, Am I right?

#9 How did someone even think of this?

#10 Their neighbors probably aren’t happy.

#11 Am I the only one who thinks this Furby looks drunk?

If after seeing this you want a similar one, there are many videos where people teach one how to make it for yourself. However, if you are not up for making it yourself or don’t have the required skills, you can also just buy a custom one straight from Etsy. And they aren’t cheap but it is worth it for those who really want it. 

#12 Why not make it doubly terrifying with a two in one package.

#13 If only it could fly somewhere far away from us.

#14 The rainbow colors and the different colored eyes make this one pretty unique.

#15 This looks like a fire hazard and nobody should do this.

#16 We’ve also got a tiny one.

#17 You don’t want you furby to get cold after all.

#18 This is what happens when your furby gets possessed.

#19 Are those upside down crosses in it’s eyes I see?

#20 This furby is richer than me.

#21 When you see something shiny and want to have it.

#22 I wouldn’t make it wait for food. Who knows what it’ll do with so many hands?

Would you ever get a custom furbie? Or are you happy with a normal one? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share with your friends who would want these long furbies.

13 Creepy Pictures That Show The Dark Side Of Nature

Nature isn’t necessarily evil. 

There is a reason it is called the circle of life. There are always going to be animals who hunt the innocent and this might not seem fair but the whole ecosystem relies on this. For now, humans are the primary predators in the world. Who knows when it will change but that doesn’t we aren’t scared cats when it comes to certain things.

For example, many of us fear spiders and don’t even like to see them outside while others are totally fine with every insect. It just depends on the individual. But today we wanted to show you a side of nature that not many get to see. These pictures were taken at just the right moment to showcase what nature is really about.

However, if you have Arachnophobia or get nauseous really easily, I wouldn’t recommend going any further. Still with me? Well, take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Website

#1 Yes, this mouse is indeed getting eaten by a snake and has accepted it’s fate.

#2 This colorful bird has an unusual diet and survives on just bones.

#3 Elephants aren’t as harmless as some people would have you believe. They will hurt you if they feel threatened.

#4 Sometimes animals just don’t like cars.

#5 This caterpillar might look adorable to some but it will sting you if need be.

#6 Who doesn’t love The Black Widow? Well this spider is what she is named after. And yes, the spider is eating that snake.

Some of these pictures might look terrifying but most of these creatures are only trying to survive. It may be painful to see an innocent creature getting captured by a predator. But we humans do the same thing with goats and the like. So at the end of the day, we are not so different, we just present it more gracefully.

#7 Not all owls are as graceful as they seem.

#8 You never know when a eagle is going to swoop down and take you away.

#9 That looks like a bird, right? Well, it is actually a seal thrown in the sky by the Orca.

#10 This is rare type of snail with a real metal shell.

#11 This here is a spider wasp and she is using the hunstman spider to incubate her eggs.

#12 This might look like the Xenomorph but is actually a rotting corpse left out in the open.

#13 We all know most snakes swallow their prey whole. Well, you can see that for yourself right here.

Did you find these pictures fascinating? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share these with your friends to freak them out.

20 Pics Of Abandoned Witch Cottages That’ll Make Your Inner Witch Happy

Have you ever thought of becoming a witch and living in a witch cottage?

Well, all of us have grown up reading the creepy stories of witches with magical powers and who would live far away from the people, in their beautiful yet creepy cottages. Some of those cottages would look beautiful from outside but as soon as you step inside, it would be all dark and spooky. One thing that we have figured out about witches is that they surely loved nature, which is why a majority of them would have their cottages situated in the forest or covered in big trees and leaves.

Anyways, our today’s agenda is to see what kind of a witch cottage would you reside in IF you were a witch? We have compiled a list of 21 different witch cottages for you to choose from and it’s definitely going to be a hard pick! Why? Because all of them are situated in the most beautiful places. However, before you proceed, you must know that you can only pick one of them! So, go through all of the pictures and let us know which one intrigued you the most. Are we ready? Let’s start!

1. Let’s start with this one! What a beautiful cottage but it sure is creepy as hell!

2. This is so aesthetically pleasing!

3. This appears more of a dwarves place

4. Now that is some creepy house with lots of rooms in it as well!

5. This reminded me of the movie “Cabin in the Woods”

6. What a beautiful place!

7. What kind of witch would reside here? Definitely a sweet one.

8. This is such a cute house!

9. An ancient house

10. Now this is what you can call an actual witch house. Spooky AF!

Do you know how to spot a witch? A real witch will always be wearing a pair of gloves. Why? Because they won’t have any fingernails. Also, their eyes will keep changing colours and they won’t have any toes too. YIKES! Imagine meeting a witch residing in one of these beautiful cottages! Yep, they are going to manipulate your mind.

11. House of a dead bride.

12. Appears as Jason lives there.

13. Whoever is standing in the middle just took this picture to a whole new level of creepiness

14. Far from the people, deep inside the forest!

15. It sure looks beautiful but as soon as the night kicks in, it’s going to scare the sh*t out of you

16. Introverts would want to live here.

17. Such a dense forest.

18. Well well well, this is so haunted!

19. A perfect witch cottage.

20. This reminded me of Hansel & Gretel’s cottage!

21. What a pretty cottage!

Well, we have reached the end of our post and we hope that by now, you have picked up your favourite cottage. We bet it was a hard pick, wasn’t it? But we would love to know which one did you pick and why? Let us know in the comments section below.



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