22 Vintage Pictures Of Easter Bunnies That Will Give You Nightmares

What is Easter all about?

Most children love easter because they get to play games and eat delicious chocolate eggs. That is not to say that kids are the only ones who join in the celebration but they are the ones mostly geared towards, for this holiday. However, I don’t think any kid would have a great time if they were forced to sit on the lap of a person wearing a horrific easter bunny costume.

Don’t get me wrong, bunnies are adorable and I would love to have one in my home. However, that changes when the same face is on a fully grown adult. perhaps it is the way these costumes are made more so suited for Halloween rather than Easter. Whatever it is these kids are not having it. So we can see many children crying or smiling with terrified eyes. 

To be fair, I would react the same if I saw one of these people coming towards me in the middle of the night. And you can see that for yourself in these vintage pictures by scrolling below.

#1 The black eyeliner is what makes the costume so much worse.

#2 When you try to smile but it come off as you showing your teeth.

#3 Do people purposely buy costumes that look terrifying?

#4 I don’t think the bunny in ‘Alice in wonderland’ ever looked this serious.

#5 This has to be a Halloween costume. I refuse to believe otherwise.

#6 The girl in the yellow shirt has the right idea if you ask me.

#7 The kid is probably trying their hardest not to look at the monstrosity.

#8 This is just a person in a mask sitting in total darkness.

#9 The girl probably didn’t sleep for years after this encounter.

#10 My only question is why?

#11 Is it just me or is the pink bunny staring deep into your soul as well?

There is a reason vintage photos always look terrifying. It is probably because of the grainy quality coupled up with the overly posey nature of the pictures. After all, it used to be quite expensive to get pictures developed in old days. And the weird costumes don’t help but hopefully, the kids are all grown up and can laugh at these pictures.

#12 The kid is like ‘Do I have to do this?’

#13 When your mask gets trampled but you wear it anyway.

#14 This has to be a horror shoot.

#15 Even Superman is uncomfortable with the horrific bunny staring at him.

#16 Honestly I wouldn’t be able to smile either.

#17 This is a big no from me. Even the girl is running away.

#18 Just put on some bunny years and do some makeup rather than wearing this.

#19 WHen you got drunk the night before but had to show up to work hungover anyway.

#20 Atleast the bunny holding the garbage is having fun.


#21 If somebody showed up to my door dressed up like this, I would lock everything.

#22 That is the face of someone who regrets everything.

What did you think of these vintage photos? Would you ever wear one of these costumes? Comment down below and let us know.

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