Forensic Expert Carved A Face On Skull Head Vodka Bottle & It Looks Eerie

Are you ready to get drunk?

because that is the only way you’re going to get through this without scarring yourself for life. Okay, perhaps I am dramatizing a bit but this is legit creepy. I am sure we have all heard of crystal head vodka and some of us have even tried it. And it is not because the vodka is exquisite because it always tastes like piss no matter how expensive. 

However, we can all admit the crystal head vodka has a very beautiful bottle. Sure it may not be as unique anymore but it does look really cool after the bottle is empty and you are done puking your guts out. Well, one artist wanted to use this bottle for something else. They wanted to recreate the human face that would have sat on that skull.

You can see how that all went by scrolling below.

It honestly looks so creepy with just the eyes set in the concave bottle.

Now the bottle has turned into pinhead and it will only get worse.

However, it has started to turn into something at least.

They even started carving the face adding more and more.

The person creating this is actually a forensic artist. You know the people who come in when the law needs a representation of what the criminal looks like? That is why Forensic artists are great at drawing or sculpting humans just by hearing someone’s description and this particular artist had a whole skull to work with.

Whether the crystal head vodka company used an actual person’s skull is not known. But if they just made it up then at least the face looks human enough when built of the bottle.

And this would have been a cool way to terrify everyone if they left it like this.

However they continued adding muscles and texture.

Half of the face is already done.

And it looks like this can be a person but it also looks quite generic.

I don’t even know how to explain this but it sort of falls into uncanny valley.

Even though there could be a human who looks like this.

Right here we have the finished look with the hair added and everything smoothed out.

Would you ever put this as a decoration? Because I don’t think anyone can ever use this as a bottle anymore. I imagine it would be quite heavy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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