22 Pictures Of Centipede Furbies That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Some people are big fans of furbies. 

However, I am one of the ‘normal’ population who is absolutely terrified of furbies. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can understand why some people find them cute but for me, those big eyes are just unnerving. And I love owls just fine. However, Furbies were a staple of every home when they were created in the ’90s.

Everyone wanted to have them and while they are still sold, they are not as popular as they used to be. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some people who create monstrosities out of their furbies. From attaching weird body parts to the toy to turning it into a centipede, nothing is off-limits. I have no idea why they do this. 

But if I have to take a look at these, so do you. So scroll below and ‘enjoy’. 

#1 This is for those who want to show off their rocker side with their furby.

#2 Atleast the color is nice and that is the only thing I have.

#3 I can understand why some people like this, It looks quite fluffy and fun to cuddle with.

#4 However, this one is just too much for me and not recommended for people with fear of spiders.

#5 The little hands just make it terrifying.

#6 Imagine seeing this face first thing in the morning.

#7 Not going to lie, the eyelashes and the autumn leaves are so pretty.

#8 Every childs dream, Am I right?

#9 How did someone even think of this?

#10 Their neighbors probably aren’t happy.

#11 Am I the only one who thinks this Furby looks drunk?

If after seeing this you want a similar one, there are many videos where people teach one how to make it for yourself. However, if you are not up for making it yourself or don’t have the required skills, you can also just buy a custom one straight from Etsy. And they aren’t cheap but it is worth it for those who really want it. 

#12 Why not make it doubly terrifying with a two in one package.

#13 If only it could fly somewhere far away from us.

#14 The rainbow colors and the different colored eyes make this one pretty unique.

#15 This looks like a fire hazard and nobody should do this.

#16 We’ve also got a tiny one.

#17 You don’t want you furby to get cold after all.

#18 This is what happens when your furby gets possessed.

#19 Are those upside down crosses in it’s eyes I see?

#20 This furby is richer than me.


#21 When you see something shiny and want to have it.

#22 I wouldn’t make it wait for food. Who knows what it’ll do with so many hands?

Would you ever get a custom furbie? Or are you happy with a normal one? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share with your friends who would want these long furbies.

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