Artist Illustrated Famous Pop Icons With A Horrific Twist In His “Destroy” Series

Does Disney have a darker side?

Most people would say no. However, if you take a look at the source material from which some of the Disney movies come, you will change your tune pretty fast. I mean several Disney characters have a very dark history which the media only hints at until you delve deep enough. Although, Disney has always maintained the image of family-friendly. 

So they will never create an outright horror movie. And while they own a lot of popular franchises with some horror elements thrown in, they will never outright scare you. This particular artist wanted to change that though so they recreated some of our favorite Disney characters in quite a horrific way. Putting aside the immense talent they have, these artworks would give even the strongest of people nightmares.

And you can take a look at these yourself by scrolling below. 

Source: Facebook

#1 This Mickey Mouse apparently really likes graffiti.

#2 The rage that Donald Duck hides is on clear display here.

#3 The evil is clear in those dark eyes.

#4 Mario is after all in love with collecting mushrooms.

#5 Sometimes we all need to take off our mask no matter how painful it might be.

#6 Spongebob doesn’t even need a house.

#7 This is bound to be someones sleep paralysis demon.

#8 You should never smoke when you already have so many holes in you.

#9 When you have to survive in space a little longer than recommended.

#10 Breaking out of your shell is always hard.

#11 That is one way tog et your daily intake of cigarettes in one go.

The artist behind these goes by the name of Pex and they are from France. They are inspired by pop culture and current events that plague the world. You can take a look at even more of their beautiful art on their website which I would highly recommend. They even create some apt sketches that stick with you especially the message behind them.

#12 Paper mache is an art form not easily learned.

#13 Judging by the dollar signs, money is all he cares about.

#14 Floating in air has never been easier.

#15 When the hunter becomes the prey.

#16 When your stomach holds the whole world. Kirby would be proud.

#17 This building doesn’t really stick with the regulations put forth.

#18 This is not an issue, you can build them up again.

#19 If you thought colored it would make it better, you were wrong.


#20 Coloring it just makes it even more horrifying.

#21 When beer is all you can ever think about.

#22 Nobody wants to listen to minions talk.

#23 This is just too horrifying for my liking.

#24 He might get to fly now.

What are your thoughts on these art pieces? Comment down below and let us know.

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