10+ Creepy Covers Of Vintage Albums Which Will Creep You Out

The past was a different time. 

I know that is a very obvious statement but I mean in the terms of what was acceptable back then might be considered weird now. Like these album covers which are just creepy if you ask me. There is nothing wrong with making intentionally creepy covers if that is what represents your music. After all many rock bands do that. 

However, these are just straight-up horrific without actually trying to be which is the weirdest part. I mean who thought these were a good idea? I would love to have a talk with that person. From creepy clowns to soulless puppets, these have it all. So if you want your sleep ruined for months to come, you can take a look for yourself by scrolling below. 

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

#1 I am not at all tempted to listen to this album.

#2 The smile is what makes it even more unnerving.

#3 If their main goal was creeping everyone out, they definitely achieved it.

#4 You are telling me Disney approved this horror show?

#5 This is one Christmas party I’d be happy to miss.

#6 I wonder why I never liked puppets.

#7 I at least love the tiny hat he is wearing.

#8 I wouldn’t be having so much fun playing with a human skeleton.

#9 They should have definitely removed the fun part from the cover.

#10 Even more puppets? What did I do to deserve this?

#11 Yes, just stick your hand up his butt. That is totally normal.

I know I am probably making a lot of people angry with my hate of clowns and puppets. But honestly, I don’t hate clowns or puppets if they look adorable and their makeup is done correctly. Most clowns in vintage pictures just look horrifying. And now I finally understand why some many people are afraid of clowns.

#12 I wouldn’t be surprised if the man was just a realistic looking puppet.

#13 I wouldn’t call that a miracle but different strokes for different people, I suppose.

#14 Even the duck isn’t truly happy to be on this cover.

#15 The little chicks are the only things saving this cover for me.

Tell me I am not the only one who read it as Diddly men at first.

#16 We should all learn to dream bigger than just wanting a dentist for Christmas.

#17 I would be just as terrified as the child if I saw a giant clown.

#18 I feel as if I am being torture by clown pictures. To be fair, it is working.

#19 Girls playing ring-a-rosie would have been cute. Why add the man with clown makeup?

#20 Little Marcy should never be given to any child ever.


#21 That is the smile that represents what I am feeling right now.

What did you think of these album covers? Did you actually like them? If so, what is wrong with you? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can ‘enjoy’ some of these as well.

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