50 Oddly Terrifying Pictures That’ll Send Chills Down Your Spine

Some things can’t be explained. 

And that is perfectly okay. Humanity has changed a lot in past years and that means that some things that were normal once feel weird these days. However, weirdness is not the only thing you will feel once you take a look at these because some of these are truly terrifying. From spiders that lure you with a face of a coin to horrifying snake costumes, we have compiled everything we could find from the dark place the Internet houses.

You can see this for yourself by scrolling below. However, a little warning beforehand as there are going to be a few insects on this list. So if you are not comfortable with the creepy crawlies, I would recommend you skip this one and take a look at the several other creepy articles our website has. Now, since we have that out of the way, we can get onto the good stuff.

#1 If I saw this in the middle of the night, I’d be terrified.

Via maybebaby23

#2 People sure have some weird traditions.

Via ddoniolvalcroze

#3 This is scarily realistic.

Via Master1718

#4 They might be hiding as umbrellas.

Via guialbusbnbsfdsf

#5 Huge mosquitos haven’t invaded Earth, it’s just in front of the camera lens.

Via ThePhantom1994

#6 Why would a crab want to get stuck into a doll head?

Via MostlyKelp

#7 Dentists have a weird sense of humor.

Via fallinaditch

#8 Yes, these are indeed cabbages not alien eggs.

Via reddit.com

#9 This ladybug looks adorable with morning dew.

Via Goopacity

#10 The grinch face is strong in this one.

Via SupCJ

#11 These look less like birds and more like big humans in costume.

Via _Empy

#12 Only a mother could love the face of a baby through an MRI scan.

Via KiWi_pEnCiL36

#13 When rubber gloves want to come out of the washing machine.

Via jfrchen1207

#14 These are not some otherworldly creatures. They are actually dried up stingrays.

Via NeuroticNurse

#15 These figures are cool as well as weird.

Via ltJustMe

#16 This has happened to me before when taking a panaromic shot.

Via Toxic_deadeye

#17 This is just depressing.

Via Poey221

#18 These are not tiny skulls but actually snapdragon flowers.

Via ICantTyping

#19 I don’t ever want to come close to this eagle.

Via iNonEntity

#20 This spider bites those who have the greed of wanting ancient coins.

Via reddit.com

#21 This sort of makes sense actually.

Via Akephalos_Agares

#22 Pennywise is coming for you.

Via korgscrew

#23 I would say everyone should do this.

Via reddit.com

#24 This snowman is always watching you.

Via fudgebringer

#25 No, just a big no.

Via mali1321

There are many weird phenomenons in the world which cannot be explained away easily. And then there are the things that are quite common but no one knows about. Like the above spiky lens, a lot of people use it and, I can guarantee most of us didn’t know about the contact lenses. Then there is also the spider with a coin for a face. Who would have thought something like that could exist?

#26 This looks more like Silent Hill than someones driveway.

Via Sweatyrando

#27 You will learn about skin while also enjoying cake.

Via Midwest-md

#28 These look like flying reapers coming for humans.

Via Peen_Weinerstien

#29 This looks like the matrix.

Via Financial-Grand2209

#30 Whatever he wants, he can have.

Via arcanophile

#31 They are waiting for the inevitable.

Via Effideau

#32 A human soul got tuck in this potato.

Via arcanophile

#33 Jesus is looking a bit wonky here.

Via tiptoeSwell536

#34 This is scaring me from ever staying in a hotel.

Via gorbrom2

#35 The only question I have is why?

Via beastmodekyler

#36 Probably radiation. The answer is always radiation.

Via Adeilen

#37 These people belong to the Danish special forces.

Via Reverend_Giggles

#38 Sheeps are nocturnal creatures.

Via Antscannabis

#39 The birds are planning to take over.

Via JereNess

#40 This is a sun bear and no it isn’t a human in a costume.

Via WhyIsLife12

#41 I would end my life then and there if I woke up to this.

Via memezzer

#42 All the mantis babies in one place.

Via emoats83

#43 Manatees sure have weird legs.

Via Youriclinton

#44 Don’t worry, these are only the outer shell of a Cicada.

Via m0llief*ckitch

#45 When you take a picture of your partner in the middle of the night.

Via Gaap321

#46 This dog is going to have a lot of puppies.

Via huckleberry-finn6

#47 This is Guarana Fruit not a bunch of eyeballs.

Via cinzalunar

#48 There aren’t insects trapped in this quartz.

Via a_single_crouton

#49 Guess which picture is from Fallout 4 and which one is from Portland.

Via H-9000

I’ll give you a clue, the one which looks like bombs have radiated all life is Portland but then again war never changes.

#50 Apparently the roots are quite healthy but it makes my skin crawl.

Via touchinbutt2butt

Did these pictures give you the heeby-jeebies? Because I know some photos were way out of my comfort zone. Let us know in the comments below.

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