16 Famous Serial Killers And Their Last Meals

A person’s last meal is very important.

Usually, when someone passes away, it is not always known before so we don’t know what our last meal is going to be. And honestly, I like it that way. Nobody wants to know when their life will come to an end. However, inmates don’t have that sort of luxury. They eat what the prison provides and that is how it is. I can’t say I feel sorry for some of the predators who are housed in prison seeing what they have done in their life.

However, they do get the ‘luxury’ to choose whatever they want if the prison has sentenced them to d*ath. It is always a horrific sentence and many people don’t agree with this at all. But most of the people on this list got what they deserved. I don’t think anyone would feel sorry for their fate except one person here who was wrongly accused and committed for something he never did. 

I am well aware that this is a morbid subject but humans have a weird curiosity about such things. So just scroll below to read about what these inmates ate on their last day.

#1 Joe Arridy ate ice-cream as his last meal.

Via Joy

He was wrongly accused of ending a life of a 15 year old.

#2 Danny Rolling ate lobster tail, butterfly shrimp with baked potato and for dessert, he had strawberry cheesecake with sweet tea.

Via AnneCN

Also known as ‘The Gainsville Ripper’, he had the blood of 5 students on his hands.

#3 Aileen Wuornor ate a burger and some snacks from the prison canteen with a cup of coffee.

Via Flickr

Aileen was a prostitue and she ended the life of seven men.

#4 Robert Alton Harris opted for two large pizzas, fried chicken, jelly beans, camel cigarettes and six bottles of pepsi.

Via Wikimedia

Robert had ended the life of two teenage boys.

#5 Thomas Grasso got Spaghetti, steamed mussels and clams, a cheeseburger, barbecued ribs, two strawberry milkshakes, pumpkin pie and diced strawberries as his last meal.

Via Wikimedia

Thomas ended the life of a woman after stealing 12 golalrs from her.

#6 Ruth Snyder ate chicken parmesan, alfredo pasta, ice cream and had grape soda and 2 milkshakes as a drink.

Via Kim

She ended the life of her husband.

#7 The infamous Ted Bundy got a steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, milk, coffee, butter and juice as his last meal but he did not eat anything.

Via Conway L

According to some sources he ended the life of more than 100 women but only 30 were found.

#8 Bruno Richard ate chicken, fries, buttered peas, olives, celery and a slice of cake with cherries for his last meal.

Via Yasmina Horyono

Bruno ended the life of a male infant.

#9 Timothy Mcveigh ate 2 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

Via Flickr

Timothy is known for the bom*ing of The Oklahoma City.

#10 William Bonin had three scoops of chocolate ice-cream, many bottles of Coca-cola and pepsi with two sausage and pepperoni pizzas.

Via jeffreyw

William ended the life of more than 21 boys.

#11 John Wayne Gacey had KFC chicken, fried shrimp, french fries with strawberries as his last meal.

Via Wikimedia

He ended the life of as many as 33 teenage boys.

#12 Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas had steak with potatoes and vegetables with a pie as their last meal.

Via  David Pursehouse

#13 Fritz Haarman only wanted a specific branded cigar as his last meal with Brazilian coffee.

Via Tom Gilbert

Fritz was behind the de*th of more than 24 teenage boys.

#14 Westley Allan Dodd wanted salmon and potatoes for his last meal.

Via  stu spivak

His victimized more than 50 people.

#15 Mona Fandey had KFC as her last meal.

Via Flickr

She was convicted for ending the life of Mazlan and skinning his corpse afterwards.

#16 Margie Velma Barfield had Cheez Doodles and a can of coke as her last meal.

Via Flickr

She was behind the poisoning of several of her patients as she worked as a nurse.

Did any of these last meals surprised you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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