Woman Draws Imaginary Childhood ‘Friends’ Before Being Given Heavy Medication & It’s Chilling

Imaginary friends: We are all familiar with the concept, aren’t we? Having an imaginary friend is considered normal for children. In fact, it’s healthy to have an imaginary friend at a young age for support and companionship. Not only that, but it can also help with various aspect of life at an early age. Imaginary friends come in various forms such as an animal, a friend, stuffed toys, or something fascinating. But what happens if that imaginary is someone scary?

Well, here is Sierra’s story about her scary companion. According to Sierra, they comforted her during hard and dark times. She has had imaginary friends since the age of 9 and stopped seeing them by the age of 14. Sierra can still describe them vividly even after so many years. “They are just waiting for me somewhere else,” she says.

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She described one of her first imaginary friends as a mentor, guiding her through life.
“It was like having a sleepover with your best friends every day. We conversed, sang, swam, ate, enjoyed one another. It was peaceful in a way,”

“They slept with me every night, in order for me to not fear them, but the first few times they crawled into bed with me was the scariest,”

Imagine a child seeing this creature for the first time and actually conversing with them.

Psychological reasoning suggests that Sierra may have mental issues. What if your scary imaginary friend can help you through it all?

Another one of her imaginary friends named Frenzo, who was funny and very smart. But how can a little girl be okay with seeing such creatures?

When you let one magical creature in, it opens up the gate for all the other magical creatures to enter. Perhaps that is all true.

Amongst these creatures was Subterra Angelo, whom she was most close to. Even the description of this magical creature by Sierra is something out of a fairytale. Subterra Angelo had the greatest impact on little Sierra’s life.


And then, there was Subterra Angelos’ sister, Superior Devvera.

Scary and bad imaginary friends can make you do bad things. That is what Superior Devvera was like at first. It took Sierra a lot of time to get Superior Devvera on her side. The little girl even had to endure pain.


Little Sierra had so many imaginary friends, we wonder how she must’ve responded when each one of them started appearing before her. “They slept with me every night, in order for me to not fear them, but the first few times they crawled into bed with me was the scariest,” Sierra told Bored Panda.

We know some of us aren’t strong enough to go through all of this. It was hard even reading her story all by myself. Let us know in the comments section below about how creeped out you were. And if you have any scary stories for us, do share! We’ll be waiting.

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