16 People Share Spine Chilling Stories About Their States

America is a spooky place.

While I am not saying all of America is like that. But since it is a huge country with many states, some of these states have their own stories. Well, people like to call these stories but every story is rooted in some kind of fact. From Florida to Texas, every state has its own history to tell.

That is why when one Tumblr user talked about creepy stories in every state, people were quick to share their own experiences. Sometimes the thing that unnerves us isn’t a monster but the nature that surrounds us. Nature can be just as terrifying as any cryptid or a made-up horror story about a ghost.

If you don’t believe me you can take a look at the stories yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Tumblr

Every person has a story tot ell about their own experiences.

#1 And so we start in the west, the home of mountains and empty plains.

Where you never know what’s behind you.

But you never look back because that is how it gets you.

#2 New Mexico has its own charms and creepiness.

Where you can never understand the reason people still live there.

It’s like the place keeps calling you back never letting go.

#3 Minnesota, where they don’t know what walks beneath their feet.

#4 We have the state of summer and blazing sun, Maryland.

#5 Even people living in Colorado admit the strange feeling they get.

The further you go the closer you come to the truth.

The hills that stretch to nowhere.

#6 THen we move to California, the state hiding many things.

You never know what the next day will bring.

A calming rain to wet the dry rocks or a flood?

#7 Sierra Nevadas which is kept alive by the old mining songs.

#8 Sacramento, a fever dream for people who have been there.

#9 The place of memories known as Central valley.

Where the hills keep moving and the change never stops.

#10 New Jersey, the place where the demons hide.


#11 The blue ocean and the colorful sky is what pulls people into San Diego.

Where you can see nothing but what you want to see.

#12 The place of secrets where everyone goes to hide is known as West Virginia.

#13 Ohia, the state of cornfields that stretch to an endless abyss.

The rows may look unthreatening but they hide darkness beneath.

And they urge you to let your guard down.

#14 Texas is not what anyone expects but it is exactly what they need.

Trying to worm your way out of the lies.

And if you think that’s scary, try living here when you’re Black and/or queer.

#15 Pacific northwest where nature takes over and people get lost.

The only way to survive is to respect what mother nature gives us.

But never try to take too much or nature will have its revenge.

#16 The blistering sun that keeps everyone awake in Florida.

Never trust what you know when you come here.

Do you have any stories that you would like to share? If so comment them down below as we would love to hear from you.

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