15 Gothic Ice Creams To Satisfy Your Dark Cravings

We are all surrounded by darkness. And some of us are in love with it. This one’s for all you lovers of everything that is dark.
We have been getting blessed by more and more Gothic stuff, every passing day. And we couldn’t be more thankful for it. Be it mysterious cakes, Gothic Flowers, etcetera. To add to the list of gothic amazement, we now have delicious Gothic Snacks. And it is everything we were hoping for and maybe even more!
Very recently, we have been blessed with charcoal-colored ice creams and we can thank Little Damage, an ice cream store based in LA, for it. For those of you living outside of LA, pack your bags because we are moving! These ice creams are not just delicious, but also compellingly beautiful. It is more than enough to satisfy our inner gothic selves.

Here are those astonishingly delicious ice creams:

Let’s start by introducing some of the flavors paired with the charcoal-cone.

1. Caramel Coffee

Black on black? Hell yes! Even though its black, it tastes like caramel coffee.

2. KIKI & Cream

Hypnotizing blue color on black charcoal. Wow!

3. Coconut Almond

The classic black and white combo. Bonus: It’s also vegan friendly.

4. Vegan cookie butter


5. Pistachio

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Life definitely would be amazing after devouring this.

6. Avocado

Another vegan delicacy

7. Strawberries & Cream

Beauty and grace

8. Lemon Cookie

When life gives you lemons ..

9. Pina Colada


10. Cuban Flan

It doesn’t just sound good, it also looks amazing.

Unfortunately, some of these were only available for a limited time. But the good thing is, there are still so many delicious flavors to choose from. And let’s not forget that activated charcoal is really good for our health. It flushes away all the toxins as well as the unwanted substances from our bodies. It isn’t just satisfying for our eyes but also good for us. Plus, they have vegan ice creams. Dream come true!

You can even decorate your ice creams to your liking. And they have special flavors for special occasions.

11. Layers

You can mix two, three, or even four ice cream flavors together.

12. “Happy Halloween”

Decorate them however you want!

13. “Valentine’s Day!”

An ice cream for every occasion.

14. “#TacoTuesday”

And even in a charcoal taco.

15. Cone-cups

Or just carry it around easily in cups.

BONUS: Choc PB Banana x Black Salted Caramel.


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Did these ignite a fire in your goth loving hearts? It surely did in ours!
Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve ever tried these or would be trying in the near future. Head over to Little Damage to satisfy your inner goth with these charcoal ice creams.

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