Disney Princesses Reimagined As Cats That Are Actually Sharks Not Disney Princesses

Cats are really adorable, right? Majority of the people on this planet actually love cats more than anything else. They are cute little felines who are sometimes silly, weird, bossy, they even break things and bite you or scratch you. Nonetheless, they are known to be great companions and love you back in their own unique ways.

Sharks on the other hand, aren’t really “pet material” and they shouldn’t be kept confined anyway. They, in no way, should be domesticated. People are really scared of sharks, and they think that sharks might eat them or injure them. However, it should be noted that sharks actually do not attack unless provoked. There have been only a few cases of sharks attacking and fatally injuring someone, unprovoked. But, they are still dangerous and should be left alone and at peace.

These two, Sharks and Cats, are completely different species. Very rarely would we ever think of putting these two together. But when Brynn Metheney sat down one afternoon to doodle, he drew something so horrifying and creepy that completely shook us! Brynn Metheney, is famously known for his creepy designs and illustrations.

Take a look at his scribbles of an extremely horrible looking creatures known as The Shark Cat.

1. Cookie Cutter Shark Cat

2. Great White Shark Cat

3. Oceanic Whitetip Shark Cat

4. Megamouth Shark Cat

5. Zebra Shark Cat

6. Lemon Shark Cat

7. Sand Tiger Shark Cat

8. Bonnethead Shark Cat

9. Mako Shark Cat

10. Blue Shark Cat

11. Saw Shark Cat

12. Whale Shark Cat

13. Carpet Shark Cat

14. Blacktip Shark Cat

15. Bull Shark Cat

16. Goblin Shark Cat

17. Leopard Shark Cat

18. Lantern Shark Cat

19. Frill Shark Cat

20. Greenland Shark Cat


21. Thresher Shark Cat

22. Salmon Shark Cat

Well, Brynn did an amazing job creeping us out. Never imagined we’d be seeing these two creatures merged together. His creativity and imagination level is clearly way to high. My personal favorite is No.# 3, with all the little baby shark kitties. Which one did you find really creepy? Let us know in the comments section!

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