Reddit Users Share Their Spooky Animal Experiences That Creeped Them Out

  • By Saif
  • June 10, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Who’s up for some creepy stories?

Not everyone is a fan of creepy stories because these stories tend to stay in your subconscious mind and come back to haunt you while you are trying to settle in your bed at night or sitting idle all by yourself. These stories impact every person on a different level depending on their minds, of course. And what causes the goosebumps? Visualizations. People who are really good when it comes to visualizing these stories would often get goosebumps.

Each and everyone one of us, at some point, have faced such situations which cannot be described in words or there is no scientific logic to back it up. Well, there are numerous human ghost stories but have you ever heard of or experienced any animal ghost encounters? Doesn’t really sound like a big deal, right? Well, you are just gonna have to wait for it then. Today, we have gathered a few supernatural stories about animals which are definitely going to send chills down to your spine.

But before you continue to scroll down, make sure that you are not good with the visualizations because if that’s the case, you certainly won’t be able to fall asleep tonight or won’t be able to close your eyes while you’re in the shower. So, are you ready for it? Take a deep breath and continue to scroll down.

1. That hit me right in the feels.

via AskReddit

But it surely creeped me out too!

2. That cat story is going to keep me awake at night.

via AskReddit

Shouldn’t have read it.

3. Damn, I cannot even imagine this.

via AskReddit

The next thing you know, those coyotes could “talk” too.

4. A white skull marking? Bad omen?

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That’s it, I’m outta here!

5. This definitely sent chills down my spine…

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Just imagine the sight of it…

6. Okayyy… that is definitely not heartwarming or emotional.

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I would shit my pants.

7. “The feeling of it being there was so lovely?” Really?

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Tf… how do these people not get scared of such things!?

Do you still have the heart to keep going? Well, it’s just the beginning and we assure you, we were just getting you warmed up for the bad one’s which are yet to come. So, if you think you can take it, keep scrolling otherwise you still have the option to leave.

8. Interesting but weird.

via AskReddit

That is indeed the strangest friendship I’ve ever read about as well.


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This story deserves a short-horror movie!


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11. Imagining the sound of those collar bells in the hall was enough to give me goosebumps.

via AskReddit

And definitely, enough to keep me awake at night as well!

12. This is … sad.

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Only in a situation like this, you would not get scared because the sadness takes over the fear.

13. Yikes! Maybe the paralysis attack mystery has been solved.

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Because we tend to face similar experience during those attacks too.

14. The horse could sense a presence there, maybe?

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And probably that’s why he refused.

15. Never going to camp again.

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That is scary AF!

16. It was definitely sent to calm your fears.

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You are one lucky fellow!

17. That must be one hell of a sight.

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It’s probably your granny keeping an eye on you.

Did we creep you out enough for today? Well, not our fault because we warned you beforehand that it could get messy. Out of all the stories, which one spooked you out the most or sent chills down to your spine? Let us know into the comments section below!

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