Illustrator Turns Children’s Book Into Spine Chilling Art

I always thought Disney movies needed horror elements.

Well, I certainly didn’t think that when I was a kid but everyone changes their mind with time. As we all know all of these Disney princess movies are adapted from children’s books. And let’s put it this way, the original books aren’t as wholesome as the movies portray. So it is really no surprise that an artist wanted these books to be a bit similar to their horrific roots.

Daniel is the amazing artist behind all of these covers and this makes me wish, they recreated these Disney classics with a twist. From ‘The Exorcist’ to ‘Nightmare on elm street’, he has touched upon all the horror classics and even some new breakout ones.

Scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

Source: Instagram

#1 Maybe this why she kept sleeping.

I don’t think a prince would want to kiss her now. Regardless, a kiss wouldn’t be able to save her.

#2 Back from the dead and ready to party.

#3 Why the scared face? is she already impaled?

#4 Who needs red hair, when the sea is filled with blood.

#5 I think I’d rather not see the sights he wants to show me.

#6 Why are there so many demented woody’s?

#7 I wasn’t aware pointy bras were back in fashion.

#8 They might be rejects but they will reach their destination.

#9 Will true love really able to save this ‘thing’?

#10 This is why you don’t procreate with mysterious things.

I wonder what it would sound like if the theme of lion kind was mixed within the alien theme. Someone please do this!

#11 From the deepest darkest depth of despair, we feature Cthulu.

#12 I wouldn’t mind this person in my dreams.

#13 The bad side of throwing toxic waste everywhere.

#14 He shouldn’t have swum out this far.

#15 Jasmine and Aladdin look like a match made in heaven.

#16 Spongebob needs a better weapon.

#17 A true classic that everyone should see.

#18 Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

#19 I am very scared to read the ‘100%medically accurate’ thing.

I never watched the centipede and I don’t regret my decision one bit. My gag reflex was acting up in the trailer. I can only imagine how worse it would be in the actual movie.

#20 Is ‘the stuff’ made of candle wax?


#21 Technically a human eating a bear isn’t cannibalism.

#22 She is ready to sacrifice anything to achieve her goals.

#23 Well, nobody ever said pork tasted bad.

#24 I wouldn’t recommend buying this plant.

#25 We have another Midsommar recreation.

Eric does not look pleased to be finding worms in his pie. Well, ariel is half fish so what did he expect when he asked her to cook?

#26 Is it tastes so bad, don’t eat brains.

What are your thoughts on this classic reimaginations? Comment down below and let us know.

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