7 Kids Recreated Famous Horror Movie Scenes

  • By Sara
  • June 22, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Kids that enjoy horror movies truly deserve praise.

Children are very creative. With the kind of school systems we have, as children start to grow they are stripped of their creativity and are lead to follow the same path as everyone else. This is why a lot of people say that schools kill a lot of artists. However, some children don’t let that get to them. They follow their dreams and continue with their interests. Such children should be appreciated as they are doing what makes them happy, which can make a lot of other people happy too.

Usually, children are too afraid to watch horror movies and start crying in the middle of them because they are scared. That is completely normal. But for a child to love the horror genre enough to reenact scenes from horror movies? That is just beyond cool. This kid reenacted scenes from famous horror movies and it has won our hearts. Some of them are adorable, and some of them are spot on! Scroll down below and enjoy the reenactments:


1. The kid is posing as Jamie Lee Curtis in Scream Queen.

2. If you have seen Silence of The Lambs, you would know about this scene.

3. Here’s Johnny with an inflatable axe.

4. That’s pretty good cosplay for this “Scream” scene but the kid looks like they just stubbed their toe.

These are actually pretty creative and interesting. I was pretty young when I watched these movies as well, but they scarred me for life. And this kid is here reenacting scenes from them! Some guts that they have. They are actually pretty good too!

Now, lay easy on the criticism because you have to remind yourself that this is just a child having fun. A lot of us were eating dirt and crayons at this age. So you should praise the child for their creativity because they are doing much better than we ever did at this age. And even though they aren’t all spot on, they are still much better than some actual low budget horror movies out there. Trust me, I’ve seen some terrible movies that had really high budgets too. So, this kid is doing fine with the resources they have. However, we aren’t finished yet. Scroll down below for the rest of them:

5. Are those actual twins or is this Photoshop?

6. This reminds me of Five Nights At Freddy’s more than it does of Halloween.

7. Georgie is here to ask Pennywise if he has any games on his phone.

What did you think of these hilarious but amazing reenactments? Have you ever recreated a horror movie scene or cosplayed as a villain? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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