Fan Fiction Of Mystery TV Show Starring Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Goes Viral

Sometimes fan fiction is better than the actual plot

I mean, we’ve all seen what happened in the last season of Game of Thrones, right? Fans had such high expectations and so many interesting theories, but what we got in the end was nothing but total disappointment. Fan fiction is awesome because we can put our favourite characters into any story we want. We can bring those perfect scenarios in our head to life.

And sometimes, the plot you come up with is so good that everyone agrees. This is what happened with this one particular Twitter User when he wrote about his fan-ficiton on Twitter. The idea was of a mystery TV Show starring Patrick Steward and Ian McKellen. “I think what I’d really like right now is a cozy British village murder mystery show where Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are elderly widower neighbors who bicker a lot about their gardens, and also solve crimes.”

This idea was loved by people so much that it went viral overnight! As of now, the tweet has over 87k likes.

Read the rest below:

For people who have seen them on the screen before, you guy already know just how good of a duo they make.


Patrick and Ian have a good relationship both on and off set, it would only make sense if they worked together for a mystery TV Show. It is also evident from their roles in the X-Men series that they are in fact inseparable. In short, a perfect match for a mystery solving duo.

Here’s the plot.

Oh wow.

That just made things more interesting.

Great storyline and good humor.

Why isn’t this a TV Show already?!

Oh sh*t!

After reading the script, people loved it so much that they started continuing Brennan’s story and also presented their own.

That can be a good twist.

Adding quality details like these makes the show even better.

It just might work.


Not bad.

Why is this so funny?

That’s not bad either.

It’s just like Hobbs & Shaw.

It seems people are quite invested in the story.

Or, he is the culprit who never gets caught.

This can work too.



That would be epic!

So, do you guys wish to see this fan fiction come to life? Comment below and let us know.

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