Artist Creates Twisted Horror Comics With Unexpected Endings (18 Pics)

  • By Asad
  • August 3, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

There’s an entire culture around horror movies and horror comics that can’t be ignored when you’re consuming that kind of medium. And it’s that horror movie genres don’t take themselves nearly as seriously as all other genres. The culture of horror is a lot friendlier and easygoing than you might think, and because they’re somewhat fringe, they can get away with a lot more. They don’t care about being consistent and care more about being entertaining.

That’s why a lot of what caused the sagas of conventional and popular horror movies to spiral. Like how Jason Voorhees went from Crystal Lake, New Jersey to Manhattan on a ship to terrorise the citizens of the city. Or how Freddie Krueger went from being a terrifying monster of nightmares to this weirdo who makes one-liners in bad surreal locations. Not to mention what happened with Chucky. This artist definitely captures the vibe of the horror genre.

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#1 Tongue bite

“I have always enjoyed reading. And I like all kinds of books, including graphic novels. But it wasn’t until I was 19 that I started writing creepy stories. I was lucky to have my novels published by several publishers that were searching for young writers. Since then, I’ve made writing my living, constantly pursuing this profession. I was also commissioned to write several screenplays for movies.”

#2 Zeus and Cupid

#3 Necromancy

“My greatest passion lies in graphic arts — I enjoy telling scary stories not only through words, but through pictures as well, I’m working on my new experimental series, titled Edd Lai’s Stories.”

#4 Daddy’s fridge

#5 Cancer

#6 Caged

“I try to explore the different facades of humanity, highlighting our perception of the world. We tend to label everything we know, but there’s often a difference between the way a thing looks, and the way it is underneath its appearance.”

#7 Cursed

#8 Family matters

#9 Taiwan

#10 Spoilers

“My stories might appear to be dark, but they can be delightful or even cute. The pieces I’ve written for Edd Lai’s Stories are short, [have] a sudden twist at the end, which makes them super dramatic. I love when my readers ask me a lot of questions about my stories. Also, since the stories are so sharp, they’re good candidates for movie and other kinds of adaptations.”

#11 Fairy tales

#12 Sad young man

#13 Devil possession

#14 Reading stories

#15 Happy birthday

#16 The dentist

#17 True love

#18 Sad voodoo

What about you? Did these creep you out as they did me? Tell us in the comments!

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