50 Hilarious Comics With A Dark Twist

Dark Humor is not for everyone. 

Some people get triggered by everything. And if you are one of those people, I wouldn’t recommend going any further. The artist of these comics clearly doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but they are not going to shy away from exploring some relevant themes. That said, not all of them are political or such. Most of these comics are just making fun of the current climate. 

After all, humor is the only way to cope with many things present in this world. This is what the artist had to say about his passion for creating comics. 

My parents tell me that once I found a few comic books as a kid and I fell in love with them. So other kids my age were learning to read fairy tales and I was here, running around with my cousins’ graphic novels, just to look at pictures since the advanced English used in those didn’t make any sense to me. Growing up, I would just draw comics on every piece of empty paper that I could find in the house and even at the end of test papers in school.

That way, I have attracted a lot of detention but I have no regrets. Currently, I am working as a creative lead in a US-based company. But my job is not entirely about comics so I keep the love for comics alive through my social media page I am an astrophile, so when I was creating my comic page, I wanted that side of me to come out. So I called it ‘spaceboy can’t lol’ because I thought spaceboy would represent me and I would draw comics about funny situations in my life where I am at the receiving end. I did that for some time but slowly realized that there’s much more that I want to do, like movie spoofs and dark humor. I now realize that my comic portfolio has turned out to be a mix of everything, with just a single filter—Filters don’t exist. -Mohit

Source: Instagram | Facebook

#1 No brains here.

#2 Pennywise is not happy.

#3 Is this why Thanos came here?

#4 Some people have rotting brain matter.

#5 Feeling sad over other peoples happiness.

#6 Balance is very hard to achieve.

#7 Am I the only one paying attention to the butt?

#8 It sure is tiring to work from home.

#9 They probably should have realized beforehand.

#10 If only it was this easy to cure.

Looking at other artists’ work inspires me. Sometimes a similar concept or idea is envisioned by different creators and it’s quite insightful to see how different members of the community represent that same idea, differently. To this day, I don’t know how and where I get my ideas from. It’s like when I am not even trying, I get the funniest ideas but if I sit down specifically to ideate, I can’t think to save my life. My brain and I run on different schedules. -Mohit

#11 I hate when that happens.

#12 That is one way to stop someone from calling.

#13 They will see her once again.

#14 He should not have made that wish.

#15 Nobody can ever understand a doctors writing.

#16 We always spend more time picking something than watching it.

#17 The person with the ladder has the right idea.

#18 Forget the human underneath the hair.

#19 Handwash wins this round.

#20 Perhaps a yellow bat logo might work better?


#21 This doctor is good at everything.

#22 We have the weirdest thoughts when we are close to sleep.

#23 I wonder what it tastes like.

#24 We should be thankful it wasn’t a lego.

#25 It is always so bright.

The artist has garnered a lot of attention for his poignant comics as they are not only hilarious but they make us think as well. I am not saying they will change your whole point of view. But what they will do is make you laugh at how relatable they are. And that is what he is going for at the end of the day. These illustrations are about daily life problems we all face compiled in a small funny package.

#26 The thief should have done his research.

#27 The germs should have realized before breaking in.

#28 Thor did sort of save the city from the monster.

#29 Introverts didn’t have to change one bit.

#30 He did give him permission.

#31 This is definitely the time for a dad joke.

#32 That was quite harsh.

#33 I did not see that coming.

#34 I would love to see that.

#35 Babies are adorable but not everyone wants to take a look at a 1000 pictures.

#36 We are always waiting.

#37 Well, this was weirdly tragic.

#38 That is quite funny if you ask me.

#39 Where can I find this Santa?

#40 I should always do this.

#41 He is going to need a bigger fidget spinner.

#42 The mugger was not ready for that.

#43 My internal organs are groaning.

#44 The cop isn’t wearing a mask either.

#45 The Internet isn’t always right.

#46 Superman has never felt this disregarded.

#47 It is never good enough.

#48 So he is a winner and a loser at the same time.

#49 Safety first.

#50 That is what he asked for.

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