People Photoshopped Hot Pizzas Into Iconic Horror Movie Scenes & It’s Hysterical

Pizza makes everything better.

Not everyone is a huge fan of horror movies. And that is understandable since not everyone wants to have their heartbeat skyrocket but the scares can seem pretty silly once you look at a movie from the point of view that it is all just actors screaming at a green screen. However, that can be hard to do so when Directors do such a good job by immersing their viewers into the movie.

But it is impossible to feel fear once you see a character screaming with a hot pizza in their mouth. I have no idea why this trend even started, but now there is a Facebook group where people ruin iconic horror movie screams by photoshopping pizza in their hands or mouth. And as a person who used to be scared of watching horror movies alone, I wish I had known about this sooner. 

You can take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Facebook

#1 I should have waited before eating it.

#2 It’s too cheesy!

I’m one of the many members who are part of ‘The PhotoShop Requests’ group on Facebook where the thread originated from. It started off as just one photo and soon enough we were all wanting a slice of the action or, in this case, pizza! Since then, I’ve seen the photos pop up all over! I think it’s perfectly splendid how during these times of being so separated that we can still come together and enjoy the little things in life like laughing at ‘cheesy’ pizza edits.

I love how they acknowledge the classic horror tropes and use it to add a comedic side to an already great plot! -Skylar

#3 She certainly made a mess rating this piece evident by the sauce on her face.

#6 When the cheese pull never stops.

#7 When you are ready to dominate a games scoreboard with a pizza in your hand.

#8 When your friend forces you to eat while you are on a diet.

#9 This is why you never want to go hangry.

#10 The pizza was so good that her eyes rolled back into her head.

#11 ‘I should have realized, it was too hot to eat yet.’

#12 The moment you slice a perfect pizza.

#13 This is why you shouldn’t eat pizza in the shower.

#14 Pizza lovers will do anything for that cheesy bite.

If the characters in these movies had just eaten a pizza and chilled out for a moment, they might have realized a better way of getting out of the horrific situations they were stuck in. After all, pizza makes everything better. And these hilarious photoshop edits are a fun way to bring some light-heartedness to horror movies where you can’t help but be tense throughout.

#15 Doing sit-ups while you eat pizza doesn’t really help.

#16 When the pizza is too good to describe with words.

#17 As I said before, no pizza in the shower.

#18 When you haven’t eaten for the whole day.

#19 The moment your mind gets blown by the perfect ratio of cheese on a pizza.

#20 When you want to eat the pizza but can’t.

#21 The moment you realize you are lactose intolerent.

#22 Anyone would die happy with a pizza in their hand.


#23 When you have to unhinge your jaw to get the perfect bite.

#24 When you eat the pizza the moment it comes out of the oven.

#25 The moment you realize your pizza has a spell on it.

#26 When you want to just take on bite but can’t stop afterwards.

What did you think of these hilarious photoshops? Which scream scene would you like to be made better by photoshopping a slice of pizza in it? Comment down below and let us know.

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