25 Illustrations Of Imaginary Monsters That You Will Find Both Adorable And Horrifying

How do you make a monster adorable?

You would think there is no way to do that but yet again the creative instincts of an artist have proved us wrong. They managed to make colorful otherworldly creatures that are somewhat adorable while also being terrifying. I mean if I saw something like this in real life, I would be mesmerized by the enchanting colors but my fear instinct would also kick in so it’s a toss-up. 

However, what the artist has created is truly unique and we can’t give them enough props for their beautiful work. The artist goes by the name Alexandr Kumpan and we have decided to feature some of his best artworks today. I mean he only has a little more than 40k followers even though he deserves so much more. So go on and give him some love after taking a look at the following pictures of course.

Source: Instagram

#1 The eyes are the part that make this monstrosity look sort of cute.

#2 Speaking of eyes, this one has a lot of em.

#3 The head shape sort of reminds me of Xenomorph from the alien movies.

#4 We clearly don’t want to see what this witch is creating in her cauldron of horrors.

#5 This might just be my next sleep paralysis demon.

#6 At least he is happy in his mind?

#7 I truly hope that rocket works because we don’t want this creature on Earth.

#8 This gives me underwater vibes and it is adorable in a creepy way.

#9 I don’t even know where to look.

#10 Those spider legs are a no from me.

#11 Is this monster a blood bender because it sure looks like it.

#12 Right here we have two monsters morphing into one.

If you like the colorful style of Alexander, you can get their prints to hang on your wall from their website. I mean these might not be for everyone but I for one am in love with some of these paintings and would love to hang them in my bedroom. I might have nightmares because of them but it is worth it to have such unique art pieces in my home. And I think many people will agree with that.

#13 I wouldn’t recommend landing on this planet.

#14 He only wanted to play on the rocking horse.

#15 This is how you get lured into space.

#16 This monster wants to be a ballerina but doesn’t have the legs for it.

#17 Sometimes our minds are filled with smoke.

#18 Maybe this is how pensils would mutate in the apocalypse.

#19 We don’t want to go in their homes.

#20 This is why you get your shots for Malaria.


#21 Does ‘beauty on the inside’ still apply here?

#22 Don’t let your teeth rot because of all the candy.

#23 Apparenly this is what too much botox can do to you.

#24 Never open a book bound with flesh.

#25 A creepy version of yin and yang that I never want to see again.

What are your thoughts on these colorful drawings? Comment down below and let us know.

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