Makeup Artist Creates 25 Horror Movie Inspired Looks And They Are Amazing

Makeup can be used in many ways.

Usually, makeup is seen as a way to enhance one’s features. However, expert makeup artists can do many things with it including creating a horrific Halloween look. While it is not as easy as it seems as you need to be good at art but it is always fun to play with makeup. And while we have already seen many makeup artists use their face or body as a medium to express themselves, we have Laura who wanted to create 25 different Halloween looks.

Yes, we know Halloween is quite far away but it is never too early to get started on your costume, especially if you are going to make one yourself. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to create the perfect costume that fits you like a glove. And then there is the need to practice the makeup look that goes along with it unless you are going to be wearing a mask that hides your face. 

So, you can probably get some ideas for your nest costume by looking at the following makeup looks. 

Source: Instagram

#1 Pennywise from IT.

#2 The Bride of Frankenstein.

#3 Valac from The Nun.

#4 The Babadook.

These are a few of my favorite horror movie characters that I have transformed myself into using the magic of makeup. Just in time for the upcoming spookiest holiday of the season. Thank you for your interest and I hope you will enjoy my work. -Laura Nunez

#5 Eric Draven from The Crow.

#6 Freddy kreuger from The Nightmare on Elm Street.

#7 Beetlejuice.

#8 Michael Myers from The Halloween Movie Series.

#9 Jason Vorhees From Friday The 13th.

#10 Billy from The Saw franchise.

#11 The curse of La Llorona.

#12 Hannibal Lecter.

Laura uses mostly makeup rather than using prosthetics to bring these characters to life. This can be especially hard when it comes to characters who wear masks since she has to create a 3d image with a 2d medium. However, she has done brilliantly and only uses prosthetics in some of her work, like Leather face which would have been impossible to create otherwise.

#13 Anabelle.

#14 Morticia Adams from The Adams Family.

#15 Samara from The Ring.

#16 Wenesday Adams from The Adams Family.

#17 Joker.

#18 Chucky from Child’s Play.

#19 Regan Macneil From The Exorcist.

#20 Pennywise from the old IT.


#21 Leatherface from The Texas Chinsaw Massacare.

#22 The Purge.

#23 Mara Chaffee from The Children of The Damned.

#24 Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

#25 The Angry Princess from The Thirteen Ghosts.

What did you think of these makeup looks? Did she bring your favorite characters to life? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to are so others can marvel at her brilliant work as well.

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