Two Artists Come Together To Make Creepy Short Comics With Twisted Endings

  • By Saif
  • August 15, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Hey there! Some of us truly enjoy reading comics. While others just happen to accidentally come across them while they flip the pages of a magazine or newspaper and think to themselves ‘You know what, I’m gonna read them anyway because I’ve got nothing better to do’. But when you do and just when it seems like you could enjoy them more often (sadly they only last for a few minutes). Guess what? We have an amazing collection of some of the greatest comics for you all.

These comics come directly from a writer Ehud Lavsaki and an illustrator Yael Nathan who, like us, would’ve gotten tired of the basic and pretty much predictable comics. So they decided to take one for the team and created some amazing comics of all time as a result. And the best part is they’re not just any comics. They’re the creepiest, most spine-tingling, and hair-raising comics that you’ll ever come across. Listen to this when we say it: *The ending might catch you off guard when you least expect it*. Their storyline and illustrations are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the concept of comics and ask for more.

You don’t have to worry about these comics disappointing you. Not now. Not anymore. We’ve taken care of that for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a snack and scroll through this compilation to be amazed. See for yourself if you don’t believe us.

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A Wicked Man

Once upon a time, there was an old man who stumbled upon a few bad boys. Pretty decent to start with, right?

Oh no! What are they gonna do now? Hurt him? or let him go?

Wait, what? Seems like a safe place for all his money… Could it be, HE’S A MILLIONAIRE?

There’s no way he’s getting himself into that. They were just a couple of goons. It’s not that they’re going to bully him forever, right? We take mental health very seriously here guys!

WHAT IN THE COMIC WORLD IS HAPPENING? ‘Been a long time, old friend’? So you’re sayinggg…This man had a supernatural wingman one call away? Man, that’s spooky business goin’ on.

Ummm Are you guys thinking what we’re thinking? That can’t be…

Are you baffled just like we are? After all, this man was a wicked one but not so wicked. See how he didn’t say kill them? But something was definitely not right there. It just raises more questions than answers. We’ll leave it at that to sink in.


C’mon… it’s just a comic. Why can’t he let him have it? It’s unusual to say something like that for a comic book. Hmmm questionable.

Bet y’all were thinking the same thing… To be honest, anyone would have done that. Besides, how bad can that comic be?

Noooooo waayyyyy. How can a comic book do that? That’s not done, dude. NOT. DONE. The real question is… How did this comic get here in the first place? And did the owner know? Guess we’ll never know too.

Do we see an arm out of the comic? There’s no way that’s happening. Maybe it’s just a ghost trapped in the comic trying to escape. Happens all the time. Unless…oh well.

Hold on. Is it..? How did it know we were here? He’s coming for us. RUNNN. But really, can we?

Guess the owner was right when he said ‘Some books you read and some you don’t. This is one you don’t’. We believe this comic is a straight-up YOU SHOULDN’T because that is what was ‘inside’. Initially, this comic seems very serene. But towards the end it makes us realize that we should have taken the owner for his word.

Seems like you enjoyed that one, Didn’t you? If you did, scroll down for another chilling yet life-changing comic.



Oh no, where are they gonna go now?

Damn! Walking through the fields and ending up seeing a barn that was gleaming from within? No wonder what made that farmer so angry. People seem rather happy, so why not invite them too?

Deeply saddened by what had happened earlier, the couple returned home and unwillingly joined the family for dinner.

But something wasn’t right. It kept calling her back… Let see where this takes them.

Seems pretty scary to enter an isolated barn in the middle of the night. And its still glowing. It could just be lights for all we know. Nothing to really worry about, *muffles* right?

Is that what its all about? This poor creature? So this is what the farmer was hiding in his barn and got all mad about. Seems like he’s in dire need.

Aw hell nawww! The farmers can’t know they’re here. Not right now!!!

Honestly, this is as mind boggling as it can be. And not to forget, CREEPY! It makes a million questions pop up in your mind but you just can’t back off now because you’re equally intrigued to find answers to those questions. You shall continue…

You might wonder: Why all these people are creating a fuss over letting that poor thing go. Follow along now, will ya?

Things just got out of hands real quick. They can’t stay here any longer. That monster is gonna kill them all. But guess what? We’ll have to follow along to see where this goes.

*Drum roll*

Now that was a show stopper! It had a very natural beginning, had a perfect blend of emotions and twists, and a relaxing ending. Sometimes it’s best to help others rather than abusing their power for their gain just like the rest of the town did. Little did the girl know that she’d be thanked by the creature (A fertile god, if you couldn’t tell).

There we have it. Weren’t these the BEST comics you have read? We’ll let you decide that for yourself but we know for a fact they were 100% capable of sending chills down your spine. From beginning to the very end of it, these comics by Ehud Lavsaki and Yael Nathan are on point when they say they’re creepy. We were pretty creeped out not gonna lie. And if you were too, share your thoughts with us.

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