Artist Draws Terrifying Monsters Using Ballpoint Pen

A pen is the greatest weapon you could have.

And while this usually applies to writers, it can also be true for artists. As we have seen many artworks that only use a ball pen or a graphite pencil that have blown us away with how amazing they are. Following are the illustrations that definitely fall in this category

There is a thing called doodling that many people do but I have never seen it taken to such an extreme level. And while these ‘horrific’ drawings may not be for everyone. You have to admit, the artist has an eye for detail. These look like they have been ripped straight from our worst nightmares and that is what we love about it.

You can marvel at these monstrous artworks yourself by scrolling below.

Artist: ilokunst

#1 Feeling the rage.

Reminds me of Carnage. –Brad Ahrens

#2 The other person within you being ripped away.

This is how my bipolar disorder makes me feel. –Alison Scheid

#3 Blowing in the wind.

This one reminds me of artwork from the original books “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark”. –Adam Sloan

#4 Asking your heart the important questions.

The way this feels like it has a atmosphere and blowing away is very well done. The use of line to achieve this great. –Justin May

#5 Just smile. It’s easy.

#6 Transforming yourself from within.

#7 Just some scribbles on the soul.

#8 Holding you back.

I dont know which is more impressive, the artwork or that perfect circle. –Matt Dees

#9 Possessed.

#10 Head spinning with the calmness blowing over.

This us what its like to feel super stressed and depressed at the same time. –Linda Gee

#11 Underneath all that fake skin.

#12 We are all the same underneath all the lies.

#13 The madness is escaping everywhere.

These are way out there but I can really see the talent there good job. –Sandi Booth

Which one of these did you like the best? Or are you not able to choose one? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share as these illustrations deserve way more attention.

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