Artist Illustrates This Monster Story That’s Been Hitting People Right In The Feels For Years

  • By Saif
  • June 11, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

As we know today’s world is all about social media, every day something goes over viral over the Internet. Some content would stay viral for a short time span while good content stays around and people keep coming back to it. This reminds me of a writing which was released back in 2017, and it is still relevant to people today. Known as “#Case: 273402 Status: Disastrous,” which was a fictional story about a young girl named Charlotte Dower who used to get scared of monsters living under her bed. But it later turned out that she stopped getting scared and revealed a bigger problem to worry about. A scary, creepy creature who makes her life a living hell. This incredible story was written by Kitten Wiskers, AKA Mindy.

Although the story itself managed to get a lot of attention but when a Russian artist Natalya Sorokina decided to make a comic out of it, people went gaga over it. It’s my “first colored comics ever,” said Natlya during an interview to Bored Panda.
We know you are being too anxious to check out the comics! So, let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Okay, so here’s the original story which was posted by Kitten Wiskers. Seems interesting!

Wow, did the monsters just kept on running away from that little girl or what? I’m curious to find out!

Ah, parents fight is one of the most destructive environment to ruin a child’s childhood. How do you expect them to be afraid of the monsters then?

Exactly what I predicted. She isn’t afraid of the monsters because she’s afraid of her own.

Damn, that’s good! I want monsters like these in my life!

Do you have a tissue? No, I’m not crying it’s just the humidity.


No wonder the story went so viral on the Internet and every now and then people keep coming back to it and continue sharing it. This short story has inspired a lot of fan art, even movies! After being inspired by Mindy’s script, a short horror movie which goes by the name of “Charlotte and the Monster” was released in 2018. Isn’t that awesome?
Ever since it first appeared over the internet, numerous social media accounts shared it and it became hard to know the exact date it was originally posted by its real author. However, it was originally posted on a Tumblr blog which was dedicated to stories and poems.

Did you forget Natalya Sorokina, the Russian artist made a comic about it? Yep, we know how badly you want to see it now! Let’s check it out.


Those are the monsters? Oh god, they are even cuter than the stuffed toys I have.

Damn, he looks scary though. I’d be legit scared.

Monster be like, “am I a joke to you?”.

This is depressing. She has been getting beaten by her father… ugh!

Monster, do something! Quick!

Leave her, you pathetic human being!


HA! Who’s the daddy now, huh?

HAHA, this is epic!

Yeah! Why don’t you speak up now!?

Yes, do it, monster!

Would you see that? That’s how pure kids are


YEEEEEEEHAW! Shit just got real.

Damn! He asked for it.

Yeah, run fatass.

That’s adorable! Awwww

Haha! That’s a compliment, Mr Monster.

What? I’m not crying, you are! huh.


Don’t tell me this story didn’t move you? It moved every inch of me. Such powerful writing and illustration by both the writer and the artist! Kudos to them. No wonder why so many people got inspired by this and it got so viral. It’s truly an amazing script and got me so emotional! What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments section below.


Source – Instagram | Deviant Art | VK.com

Image credits: kittenwiskers – JWITLESS ART

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