Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Scary Monsters That’ll Give You Chills

Makeup is a powerful tool.

That can be used for anything. From hiding the things we don’t like about ourselves, pronouncing the ones we do, or changing into a completely different person. Makeup is just another tool in an artist’s arsenal and for good reason. Since our bodies are just another canvas. What better way to express yourself than through makeup.

And so many talented people have taken this sentiment to a whole new level. Honestly, it surprises me how real all of the following looks do. And they weren’t even done with any prosthetics or scar gel which makes the 3d looking art even more impressive.

You can take a look for yourself down below.

Source: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

#1 The shark actually looks quite realistic.

She’s got a wild imagination. -KarenChaddock

#2 How she does it is beyond my creativity.

Lol! That’s so cool. She’s wearing a paint on shirt! -old.wyverns

#3 I have seen this character so overdone but this is perfect.

So amazing love this Sally from a nightmare before Christmas. -CarolynFox

#4 Pulling all the folds away.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘ face lift’! -Laura Ingles

#5 Walking dead zombies are the best.

This is my fave, being a Walking Dead fanatic! -LaurieAnnCharest

#6 Just put your fake face away.

This is not merely “cool” it is telling us to question everything, even reality, morality, humanity. -CleverFool

#7 The mouth area is really well done.

It’s alright I didn’t plan on sleeping anyway. -DolanPumpernickel

#8 Who needs eyes to see anyway?

This looks like something from the purge. -Ava Lynn

#9 All I see are teeth.

The ballerina from cabin in the woods awesome. -CarolynFox

#10 I have never seen Pinhead looking this good.

The strobe effect matches the movie and looks great. -VictoriaMost

#11 When mother nature is all dry and cracked.

#12 This is what we call Un-Deadpool.

#13 When barbie went bad.

Can somebody give me a flash course on how to made this? -GracelleRhea

#14  Mileena should really wear her mask again.

WOW! One of the best Mileena makeups I ever saw! -TrissAuditore

#15 Are we sure this isn’t the real Marilyn Manson?

I have never seen such perfectness, you need to get yourself in the film industry you could make a fortune. -RichardPetch

#16 She is ready for hunting.

This one blurs the line between human and non-human. -CleverFool

#17 This smile is unnerving me.

#18  Damn, This is not going to end well.

Now all I see are sharks with noses. -OwenThornton

#19 She has a great talent that deserves to be recognized.

#20 When two people emerge from one.


#21 From darkness I emerge.

#22 Even the overdone Harley Quin looks great.

#23 Only the stitches are holding you together.

#24 With your flesh exposed for all to see.

#25 The clown from IT.

#26 Only being able to cry black tears.

#27 The virus is spreading.

It’s looks like she’s been stung by a griever. -Lyla Littke

#28 Stripped to the bone.

#29 Radioactive monster.

Love the colours. -Lyla Littke

#30 Only look at the mouth.

#31 Nightmare on elm street.

#32 Silence of the Lambs.

Same one was done by somebody else on this. -Art Animal

#33 Deranged doll.

Very talented I love this even though it’s scared the feck out of me. -MargaretMiskelly

#34 Crying for the past.

Time ends where this girl begins. -Emily Hisel

#35 Nailed to the wall.

Wow, i actually thought she was stuck with a nail. -Jade Carver

#36 Ready for a fight.

Yh finally a good star wars one. -JordanLee

#37 Left to rot.

#38 Hiding the evil.

#39 Which side to look at?

#40 Gun to the face.

Which one of these looks did you like the best? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share since this artist deserves a lot more attention than she is getting.

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