11 Comics With Unexpected Dark Twists

  • By Sara
  • June 10, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

We all love a good plot twist.

FInding good entertainment in the industry these days is very difficult. Movies, TV series, books, comics, you name it. They all seem the same now. They have the same story, just moulded in different ways that don’t go too far off from their roots. What people like in entertainment is excitement and being surprised. So plot twists are basically the key to good entertainment. When you get comics that have unexpected endings, you’re just going to want to see more.

That is why Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich’s comics “WarandPeas” have 241k likes on Facebook and 889k followers on Instagram. The humour isn’t exactly your regular kind either. It can be a little dark for some. So we’re giving you a fair warning that some of these comics might seem random while some might look pretty dark.

Scroll down below to enjoy the comics and see the twisted endings:

More info: warandpeas.com | Facebook | Instagram | Prints

1. Well, that is one way to ask the chef to add salt to the soup. You didn’t have to hurt his feelings.

2. Sorry, but this baby from heaven is already taken.

3. Artificial intelligence isn’t as intelligent as we thought it would be.

4. You can’t even tell them to “get a room” now. I wonder what exactly was the last straw for the house.

5. It is scary if you think about it, but beautiful for some.

“Elizabeth spends most of her time tramping around secluded German forests, eating high-calorie fudge bars, so most of her ideas come from those sugar highs. Jonathan just watches a lot of TV.

A Scottish bus driver laughed so hard at our comics that he drove right into Lake McGowanshire and died. Our condolences to his family. Thus it has been demonstrated the supreme quality of War and Peas.” –warandpeas

Have you chuckled at any of these? They are pretty witty if you think about it. Witty humour and unexpected plot twists are the perfect combinations! We still have to show you the rest of the half, so keep scrolling:

6. No one makes fun of our baby robot! How dare you?

7. True love, just hang in there.

8. Living the gangster life.

9. That poet look. He knows he was a true poet.

10. Are you blind? It is a plane.

11. Even death needs company every now and then.

Did you enjoy these comics? Were you expecting any of these plot twists? I certainly didn’t for some. Share these with your friends and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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