30 Highly Offensive Comics That People With Dark Humour Will Enjoy

  • By Sara
  • June 4, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Well, I know I’m going to hell for laughing at these.

Dark humour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In our little snowflake world, we get offended easily by things that are just meant to be humorous. Although it is understandable that it can be offensive to some, there are no ill intentions in these comics and they are directed towards people who enjoy dark humour. Normal, random memes can get boring sometimes and we all have a dark side to us, you have to admit. You will find yourself laughing at things that are supposed to be tragic. That can either make you a psychopath, or just someone who likes dank or dark memes and comics.

There are things that manage to bring out the dark side of us and Irwincardozo Comics do exactly that. Not only do you feel guilty for laughing at them, but the mouse-drawn comics are kind of addictive too. You would just want to see more.

Sources: Facebook, Instagram

WARNING: These may offend some people. So scroll down below at your own risk:

1. You can’t just assume genders anymore.

2. Well, this took a very uncomfortable turn.

3. Anything for the Pokemon.

4. Medical bills these days really have us contemplating over this.

5. I Peat the Bussy.

6. That was a burn.

7. That actually is a good comeback.

8. You didn’t have to tell him that.

9. So, African American, Caucasian, Asian, and a dog?

10. Not nice to not get what you want.

11. So that’s that?

12. Make a 2-week bucket list, Manny.

13. That’s what you get for mocking your doctor, Sammy.

14. Is that really the cure to autism?

15. That’s one way to cut down on your expenses.

I’m pretty sure half of the readers are either feeling guilty inside, laughing like maniacs, or have just quit scrolling. Either way, that is not going to stop us. We aren’t done with our dark comics yet, bring on the hate! Scroll down below for more:

16. Okay G.I.L.F, if you incest.

17. Dad?

18. Hey, weight loss is weight loss.

19. Jeff played his cards right.

20. Table legs.


21. What did I even say to you, woman?

22. You are not the dad.

23. Shouldn’t have asked Abdool.

24. Let me guess, Indian?

25. As long as you’re happy, human.

26. Good timing.

27. I would come out of my grave if they misspelt my name too.

28. The perfect day to die.

29. Throw it away! Now!

30. Countdown.

We hope these comics weren’t too offensive and we hope you enjoyed a good laugh or two. If you have twisted friends that love dark humour, share these comics with them too! Let us know what you thought about them in the comments below!

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