40 Working Dogs With Real Jobs That’ll Put Your Career To Shame

Dogs are great at reducing anxiety. 

After all, there is a reason we employ dogs as emotional support animals. And these days therapists have taken to getting a dog while their patient waits for them. There is actually a lot of research that supports the fact, that dogs can help reduce anxiety. And especially help with those who suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. While they are obviously not a magical pill. But taking care of them can help one to forget about their own problems.

However, dogs have not stopped at just being the emotional support. They are slowly taking over our jobs and no I am not talking about immigrants here. From helping the police to keeping patients entertained at hospitals, there is nothing a trained doggo can’t do. But how can one get angry at them when they look so innocent. So following we have some pictures of these dogs being busy in their job. And yes, it is just as adorable as it sounds.

Source: Reddit

#1 A good concierge is always smiling.

#2 This detective deserves a medal for all his hard work.

#3 Here we have the office manager who keeps everyone else in high spirits.

#4 He is here to help people fill out forms.

#5 Who wouldn’t be motivated to exercise after looking at this dog?

#6 This bartender can also do several tricks.

#7 We have never seen a receptionist so courteous.

#8 This doggo is helping his hooman by digging up truffles every day.

#9 Testifying in court is much easier if you have a dog around.

#10 This is how games capture dogs.

#11 There is no need for a tool belt.

#12 He will help carry stuff for you at the supermarket.

#13 This therapy dog might be sleeping on the job but I feel better just looking at him.

#14 ‘So you are going to pay in treats right?’

#15 This so much better than Baywatch.

#16 Everyone’s morale will be high with this guy around.

#17 She needs to shout it from the rooftops.

#18 ‘I will help you if you send me treats.’

#19 No need for glue with this stamp licker around.

All jokes aside, dogs have helped us tremendously in many fields. As they are much faster than humans, they are a great help during search and rescue missions. Not only that but because of their enhanced sense of smell, they have been helping the police for decades in finding illegal items. And then there are people who need dogs to even get around somewhere.

So all in all, if a dog is well-trained, he can do pretty much everything.

#20 These dogs do not look happy to be in training.


#21 When you can’t decide on what tie to wear for your first day.

#22 This little chap looks truly handsome.

#23 He is ready to dive in and help everyone.

#24 ‘Do you need help filing hooman?’

#25 This is honestly a great tactic to make people buy flowers.

#26 This dog knows safety comes first when dealing with chemicals.

#27 Cheering up patients is what he loves to do.

This is Rusty. He volunteers at my local hospital cheering up patients. He never leaves home without his glasses and a work bandana. He is so famous and loved by the public, that the hospital commissioned a painting of Rusty to commemorate his work.

#28 This dog is here to scare away any potential birds before the plane flys away or lands.

#29 I don’t know how much help this puppy will be but he looks adorable.

#30 Is he another stamp licker?

#31 She looks ready to go skiing.

#32 Emotional support animals sure are great.

#33 Sometimes you need a little nap after working so hard.

#34 Modern video games employ real dogs for animation and design work.

#35 At least he has found a shoe in this search and rescue.

#36 Nobody will dare mess with this security doggo.

#37 This is the board of all dogs that work in this place.

#38 Just look at how happy he is when he helps people!

#39 Anyone with travel anxieties should make an appointment with this puppy.

#40 I was never a big fan of kissing booths but this one I love.

Does your dog have a part-time job as well? Or is busy always taking care of you? Comment down below and let us know.

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