Illustrator Adds Hilarious Monsters To Random Everyday Life

What if monsters were real?

And no I am not talking about vampires or werewolves. I am talking about creatures that would look like inanimate objects until they open their eyes and give us a toothy grin. What would the world be like then? Well, as it turns out we don’t have to wonder for too long since an amazing artist already has the answer.

I have no idea how or why this project started but I am glad somebody is doing this because it is truly brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to see a banana with a weird grin on its face? The artist who goes by the handle Tailjar on his Instagram has done many illustrations using very normal everyday photographs. And you can see them for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram | Website

#1 Is it a place? A helicopter? Oh, It’s a monster with a gaping mouth.

#2 Maybe that is why he is so grumpy. Nobody likes to be sold at a cheap price.

#3 Those scraggly teeth aren’t doing much in this case.

#4 Is the whole flower a monster or just that one petal?

#5 It looks like this rabbit ate too many mutated carrots.

Who is Tailjar? The person behind these creative illustrations.

As a kid I was told that I was born with a tail and that it was kept in a jar of spirits on top of the kitchen cupboard. At some stage I must have scaled the shelves to check, or realized I didn’t have a scar… Either way, I eventually became hip to their cunning ruse.

It was one of those things that sparked my imagination though and I’ve used the term “Tail Jar” ever since to describe a place to keep interesting, unusual or imaginary things…

#6 The seagull is ruining his bath.

#7 I don’t think he really wants this.

#8 The bird was probably thirsty but now it can’t drink the water.

#9 Gonna need a few more stitches.

#10 A hat with some airy bits.

#11 Their expressions explain it all.

#12 He is ready for war but the bee just wants honey.

He explains the meaning behind Tailjar.

It’s a name for that mysterious chunk of grey matter in our skulls resposible for housing all the random bits of inspiration we stumble across in our day to day lives. The reservoir we dip into when we flex our creativity and use our imaginations.

At some point I started using it as a kind of “personal brand” for my creative work as well.

As a result, people started referring to me as Tail Jar… Which was never the intention – but it seems to have stuck.

#13 Is this one crying because of all the garbage?

#14 Rock on until the sun comes out!

#15 As long as you don’t pet him, you won’t have much of a wruff ride.

#16 He is too lazy to ‘clean’ the house.

#17 Ready to flip some burgers.

#18 We have a true chameleon here.

#19 He does not look happy with the fact that this other guy is trying to take a bite out of his head.

#20 Is it time for Easter already?


#21 When you can’t be too close.

#22 Is it the bullet train we have been hearing about?

What do you think of these artworks? Do you love it as much as we do? Comment down below and let us know.

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