50 Iconic Movie Posters Reimagined With Sphynx Cats

Cats make everything better.

And while many people love cats, not many pay attention to the hairless version. Yes, I am talking about the sphynx cat. I am not going to lie, If I was ever going to adopt a cat, I wouldn’t really get a sphynx because I just love the furry versions. However, sphynx cats don’t get much appreciation. People with allergies are much more likely to be fine with hairless cats than other breeds like Persians. 

However, even with that, sphynx cats look a little bit weird. They look like a piece of skin has been stretched over their skeleton as they don’t have any muscle or fat to fill in the areas. But people in ancient times actually used to worship these kitties as deities. So who are we to set them aside? Well, this artist wanted to bring the sphynx cats to the front light. And they managed that by re-creating iconic movie posters with hairless kitties. And I must say these posters look great in their own way. 

Source: Instagram

#1 We are going to need an Exorcist.

#2 Cats are impossible to silence.

My name is Giancarlo and I’m an architect from Peru currently living in the United States. I’m a self-taught Photoshop artist. Not so long ago (April 2019), I decided to start making movie poster parodies starring hairless cats. The majority of them take me between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

#3 When will the chicken be done?

#4 Maybe someone fears cats?

#5 The vase was getting in their way.

#6 All the blood will be his.

#7 Seeing the underlying bones.

#8 I wouldn’t ever get in this taxi.

#9 They never learn, not even after 9 lives.

#10 I think this would be a dream come true for many.

#11 Sounds much more interesting than the actual movie.

#12 The makeup is spot on.

#13 That sweater sure is looking dynamite.

#14 Sheldon is not happy that the soft kitty took his spot.

#15 The fashion of these kitties is on-point.

#16 If only cats could come out of the tv.

#17 How dare they call a cat a pest?

#18 I really want to see this movie now.

#19 That is one old kitty!

#20 Here’s ‘Johnny’.


#21 ‘Would you like some more milk, Mam?’

#22 I don’t know about dirty but she sure is dancing.

#23 She is better than a naked gun.

#24 Cats will take over the world.

#25 Forest Gump has never looked this sassy.

Sphynx cats are actually quite rare since the hairlessness is caused by a genetic mutation. So the only way they exist now is by breeding two sphynx cats together. They might have a weird look but they are actually quite lovable and playful, almost acting as a dog most of the time. Some of them might have a little peach fuzz and they come in somewhat different colors. All in all, sphynx cats are amazing and more people need to realize that.

#26 The little friend is really going to tiny.

#27 Hopefully, it’s the friendly ghost.

#28 My precious.

#29 You don’t want to know what if going on in the van.

#30 A steak might have been better.

#31 Will we find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

#32 This kitty is a vision to behold.

#33 Better than the average American beauty in every way.

#34 She rules New York.

#35 What will it take to become famous?

#36 ‘I finally caught my tail!’

#37 It is all about what they don’t say.

#38 Reaching for the stars.

#39 Movie about a wolfcat would be awesome.

#40 Those jazz hands are adorable.

#41 Okay, This one is really cool.

#42 This only happens in the twilight zone.

#43 A journey of te kittens.

#44 The nefarious look on his face says everything.

#45 The agent of destruction.

#46 She is ready for some hunting.

#47 Not my salmon!

#48 She will one day get over the fence.

#49 How will they figure out everything?

#50 This kitty is superbad.

What do you think of these posters? Do these want to make you watch a movie where the hairless cat is the protagonist? Comment down below and let us know.

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