The Other Side Of Zodiac Signs You’ve Never Seen Before

Turning pages of a magazine and stoping at the horoscope page? Yeah, we’re all guilty. We enjoy reading about our zodiac. Sometimes, in the quest of getting to know ourselves better and sometimes to find out the behavior and personality of our loved ones. Undoubtedly, when skimming through the zodiacs we see quite affirmative things about each sign. Sometimes, they are sugar-coated lies and at other times the bitter truth.

Amrit Brar is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. She rose to fame for her Book “Sh*tty Horoscopes” that was published by Kickstarter-funded. Through her illustrations of zodiacs, she unveiled the other side of every zodiac. She represented each sign in very gothic illustrations as different parts of a skeleton. People really appreciated her work on Tumblr as it was what a heart to heart conversation with your best friend seems like.  Take a look below to unfold the mystery of each zodiac.

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Aries (March 21- April 19), the first zodiac in astrology, is known for being ambitious, headstrong, stubborn and very confident. You can easily spot an Aries in a room full of people, they have an irresistible charm. They are very optimistic and blunt. These people have a low to no tolerance for lies and are extremely bad liars. There is never a dull moment with an Aries. They have a zeal for life that’s completely unbeatable. They exhibit intense energies, whether they be positive or negative. Whether it’s love or career Aries are hopelessly devoted to it.

When an Aries finds true love, they don’t see themselves with anyone else except them. Aries are loyal to the core unless you make them take actions otherwise. Aries is a fire sign, so they’re hotheaded. They can get fiery mad, but all the anger cools off within minutes. Aries can also get pretty selfish at times and are not that patient. They often think after they speak and they are brutally honest people. Another fact about this zodiac that’s not readily talked about is hunger. Whether it’s love, success or food. They always want more to satisfy their bottomless pit of hunger. Amrit Brar Summed up the Aries personality well with the above quote!


Taurus (April 20- May 20), holds the second position in the zodiac signs. Taurus people are very practical and hardworking. They’re patient and mature individuals. They enjoy the material things, good company and being surrounded by their loved ones. They tend to stick to the same thing for a long time. They can stay devoted to a project until it is completed and have friendships and partnerships that can last a lifetime! Also, let’s not forget they are driven by their desire for making money. This is what makes them great employees.

Taurus has consistency in their behavior which makes this zodiac the anchor of all the signs. However, it should be noted that Taurus has a low tolerance for sudden changes and criticism. Somehow they are dependent on other people and can’t control their emotions in intense situations. This leads to breakdowns. Initially, they may try to hide it. But, it’s always best for them to seek help before things get out of hand.


Gemini (May 21- June 20). They are known for their sense of humour and lightheadedness. They’re intelligent and enjoy being the centre of attention. Gemini people love adventures and are outgoing people. This quick-witted zodiac is extremely communicative. They have a child-like innocence that helps them blend in. These people make friends quickly regardless of their demographic differences. They like to gossip and make great motivational speakers. They connect well with those who have similar intellectual minds. For Gemini, a perfect life partner would be a friend, a lover and someone they can talk to on their intellectual level all in one.

However, these people have two different personalities and are very inconsistent. Sometimes, their extraordinary brains get them in trouble for being overly analytical. They’re indecisive and have trouble making decisions. They are impulsive and not that good with budgeting. However, their worst trait is probably making reckless decisions and regretting them later.


Cancer (June 21- July 22). Cancerians are secretive people. They do not open up to others quickly and easily. They are persuasive and have a motherly nature that allows them to connect with others on an emotional level. However, when they lose interest, they change direction.

It is also worth noting that they can be a little manipulative at times. They may appear to be caring and understanding people but sometimes it’s just a cover up. They don’t fit well with opinionated and headstrong people. They possess a pessimistic thought process and can not take criticism. They tend to be very jealous, egoistic and mean. Brar illuminated this less talked aspect of a Cancerian’s personality magnificently.


Leo (July 23- August 22). It’s represented by a lion and is the King of all zodiacs. Leos are very bold and confident people with bright personalities and good humour. They make great leaders and have a dominating personality. But that doesn’t mean they’re mean, they are also very humble. They have a soft side and are very passionate about life. Leos are some of the most generous people and they often try to help others in whatever way they can.

They have a creative mind and enjoy the beauty. However, they are a bit self-centered as well. They find pride in themselves and often get jealous very easily. They have high expectations of themselves. Although these people are very talented, they sometimes screw things up while trying to make an impression.


Virgo (August 23- September 22). They are master tacticians. There is no lying with them, they are born human lie detectors. They are prideful and also very humble at the same time. They work like perfectionists and live an organised life. But when we talk about emotions, Virgos have a hard time expressing their feelings as they invalidate them. They are often misunderstood due to their lack of self-expression.

But their worst personality trait is also their best—overthinking and overanalysing everything. It works both as a blessing and as a curse for them. It helps them get out of the most difficult situations and at the same time it makes them complicate even the simplest of things.


Libra (September 23- October 22). Libra people are fair-minded. They like being just and give people what they deserve. They are inspired by balance, symmetry, justice and equality in people. They value expensive and material things. This makes them fascinated by music, art and amazing holiday destinations. Having a Libra around can be a great blessing as they are very cooperative people and love to help others. They are also quite diplomatic individuals. They crave partnership and have deep connections with the ones they love.

However, Libras are also indecisive. They want to keep everyone happy and avoid any kind of conflicts. On top of that, they keep grudges and won’t tell you what’s bothering them or where you were wrong.


Scorpio ( October 23- November 21). They have a mysterious appearance but once you get to know them, they are total gems. They make true friends and great lovers. They are extremely passionate and assertive. They always come prepared and are very resourceful people. Adequately knowledgeable and equipped with effective leadership qualities.

Scorpions are also very stubborn and you can’t change their minds one it’s made up. They can not tolerate lies and are loyal. They may confuse you with their personality but they’re impossible to forget. They have the inborn skill of reading people like an open book. They quickly know your intentions. The downside of their personality is that they’re very jealous people. Won’t stand anyone doing better than them. They can exhibit very violent behavior and are very secretive.


Sagittarius ( November 22- December 21). Sagittarius are great conversationalists. They have a philosophical mindset and are completely driven by their wanderlust. Sagittarius travel a lot and constantly think about their purpose in life. These people are focused on their goal in life and they will go to any extent to achieve it. Sagittarius people are idealistic individuals. They seek perfection and this may be one of the causes of many problems they have in life. They always appear as something big, but unfortunately, they are the complete opposite of that. They often promise more than what they can deliver and take great risks. Even if the failures break them, somehow they still manage to get back up and get going.


Capricorn (December 22- January 19). Capricorn are mature people. They are organized and good managers. They keep track of their time because they know time is money. They are often very serious in nature. They keep their goal in mind and work smartly and efficiently towards achieving it. These people are extremely independent and are masters of self-control. This trait helps them efficiently plan things both professionally and personally. They take notes and learn from their mistakes. They are often seen in higher positions like senior managers and CEOs of companies. However, these people are a know-it-all and unforgiving. They think they are the boss of everyone and try to rule people. They are extremely egoistic and won’t admit their faults.


Aquarius (January 20- February 18). These people are highly intellectual individuals and want to change the world for good. They’re shy but deep thinkers. They believe in equality and therefore they support and run free speech movements. They’re also high achievers because they work hard for achieving their set goals. Often others perceive them as cold and emotionless individuals as they tend to distant themselves from others. That’s their defence mechanism against intimacy.

Aquarius people are high achievers and are often successful in life. They are very compassionate and are also involved in humanitarian activities. Their mind and their habit of thinking at every given opportunity is their best and worst feature. These people are uncompromising and have quite a temper. They are scared of emotional attachments and expression which is why they often keep themselves detached. To put it simply, these people are aloof.


Pisces (February 19- March 20). Pises are intuitive and compassionate individuals. They are selfless people and very friendly. Pisces often have diversity in their friend circle due to their nurturing and friendly nature. People are naturally drawn to them. Pisces are the most tolerant sign of the zodiac. They forgive often and never judge. They are gentle and always try to heal people (an accurate representation of their zodiac element—water). Pisces are wise and loyal to the core. They are artistic and are often artists and musicians. They have a superior sense of aesthetics.

However, they may be a bit controlling and forceful. They trust others quickly and get hurt often. To avoid getting hurt they tend to escape reality into their own fantasy world.

So, what’s your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below.

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